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Get Free Antivirus For Mac pc

March 21, 2019

Avast antivirus may be the proud winner of the prestigious 2018 Product of the Year award. Bitdefender Antivirus In addition 2019 sniffs and blocks sites that masquerade as trustworthy to be able to steal financial data such as security passwords or credit card numbers. Bitdefender Antivirus In addition 2019 also blocks all identified infected more

Bitdefender Antivirus In addition 2019 sniffs and blocks web sites that masquerade as trustworthy to be able to steal financial data such as security passwords or credit card numbers. Bitdefender Antivirus In addition 2019 also blocks all identified infected links.

The moment this detects anything suspicious, it takes immediate action to prevent infections. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 delivers several layers of protection against ransomware. This innovative, exclusive technologies helps Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 adapt to the hardware and software program configuration of your system to save processing resources and improve speed plus performance.

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Exploring Nanjing Part II

December 4, 2017

I’m back to share more about my overdue Nanjing trip and I wanna start with my favourite part of the trip. As some of you may know, I’m a Christian but I respect all religions so when I heard that we are visiting Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone aka Buddha’s palace, I was pretty excited. I like anything related to history (for the 1000th time haha).

Does it not look like Europe or something? I was shocked by how modern the architecture is!

I haven’t seen anything so grand in a long time and the detailing of the sculptures plus thoughts that were put into building up this magnificent site was just mind-blowing. I particularly like the Usnisa Palace and it was interesting to have my first vegetarian buffet!

Usnisa Pagoda!

For the first night of the trip, we were staying in Gongtangtou Homestay which is located in a serene, off the track village. I’d highly recommend you stay here for a night. We started the morning in their cafe with floor to ceiling shelves of books and whisked into the aroma of coffee, basked into the greenery in the day and ended the night with a dinner prepared by the hosts with their local catch. 

You’ll be shocked by how many beautiful spots there are in Nanjing for nice photos. Talk about golden hour and oriental background! If you’re looking at learning paper-cutting, clay figurine and shadow play from art and craft masters, you can do that at Ganxi Mansion!

Being a frequent traveller to China, this trip to Nanjing really opened my eyes to another side of China ; somewhere more cultured, historic and a good blend of old meets modern. I’d definitely love to visit again and this time, I’d make the Nanjing massacre memorial hall top on my priority list! Followed by dumplings, iced plum juice and more chinese food!

Lastly, a big thank you to Nanjing Tourism Board for organising this trip and Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua city for making my stay such a comfortable one! I hope to be back again soon (:

If you’d like to find out more, you can click on these links :
Facebook: Travel Nanjing
Instagram: @travelnanjing

Sophia Chong


The kind of love you seek.

November 17, 2017

I think as we grow older, the meaning of love gets diluted. When was the last time our eyes were focused on just one person, giving our everything to pursue the one love. The kinda love in today’s society, I call it the musical chair. We wait around, our eyes darted on every chair, and pounce on the one single available one without much thought. Just like now, we are constantly “testing out” even on people we don’t have deep attraction for. Well, if she/he is good-looking then I’ll consider him or her. CONSIDER. What happened to the kind of love you fall right into, that you don’t even take superficial factors into fucking consideration. Love is first a spark and chemistry, then it’s a choice of commitment. Not the other way round cos the former would only last as long as emotions and expectations do. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I believe in consensual romance and those are the best. Nobody has to do the chase, no one has to play hard to get nor push and pull. Both of you just fall so deeply in love where the rest of the world is a blur. You bask into how the universe brought you two together in the most unimaginable circumstance and timing. You embrace each others’ strengths that shine so bright, and accept each others’ flaws because no one is perfect and even more because your flaws are complementary. And when the sparks is gone, what’s left is still this bond and love you’ve built over time and countless fights that made you cry but came out stronger and closer together. The kind of love that’s selflessly lifting each other up, because you just want to see him/her grow and be happy. The kind that you give not because you want something in return but because the person is so special to you that you want him/her to have the best. The kind that you don’t just want to have fun with, but someone who can withstand storms with you. This is the kinda love I seek, but does it even exist anymore.