Canberra airport lounging.

November 23, 2016

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My go-to airport outfit is a comfy pair of jogger pants and trainers. I don’t like being uncomfortable in planes so I avoid skirts or dresses most of the time. This luxe mongolian cashmere joggers from www.grana.com is super soft yet thick enough to keep me warm. It’s also good as sleepwear in cold weather; tested and proven when I was in Aussie recently!

I like to style it with a cropped top and throw a hoodie over it or just a cropped hoodie and a pair of Nike Airforce would be cute too! Sometimes, I throw that on for grocery shopping too!

I’m sure you know by now that Grana has loads of awesome stuff, but go check the joggers out if you’ve been looking for the perfect one. Cart out with “SOPHIAXGRANA” for 10% off total bill and be entitled to free shipping!

Sophia Chong

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