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Canberra airport lounging.

November 23, 2016

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My go-to airport outfit is a comfy pair of jogger pants and trainers. I don’t like being uncomfortable in planes so I avoid skirts or dresses most of the time. This luxe mongolian cashmere joggers from is super soft yet thick enough to keep me warm. It’s also good as sleepwear in cold weather; tested and proven when I was in Aussie recently!

I like to style it with a cropped top and throw a hoodie over it or just a cropped hoodie and a pair of Nike Airforce would be cute too! Sometimes, I throw that on for grocery shopping too!

I’m sure you know by now that Grana has loads of awesome stuff, but go check the joggers out if you’ve been looking for the perfect one. Cart out with “SOPHIAXGRANA” for 10% off total bill and be entitled to free shipping!

Sophia Chong

Bali Featured Travel

Bali with Jetstar Asia!

November 10, 2016

It’s almost a habit now to visit Bali at least once a year since I first stepped foot on let’s say, one of my favourite places in Asia. There’s an unending list of reasons why Bali is so well-loved by many ; the roaring surfer waves, chi chi seafront beach clubs, famed babi kuling and nasi goreng, and breath-taking landscapes. The list goes on.

This time, I flew by Jetstar Asia and it was just a short 2hr 45min flight. I’m a frequent Jetstar flyer and I have to say it’s one of my favourite low-cost airlines simply because of its extensive flight route, good flight timings, reasonable leg space, clean and well-maintained planes and also the range of in-flight food menu it provides.

 It was a late afternoon flight so I got myself some hot meals onboard for that empty stomach of mine (ok, maybe it’s just gluttony haha). I also got myself the emergency row seats which have more leg space. $30 for guaranteed comfort, why not? Oh, just a little tip for you if you’re planning to get the emergency row. Pick row 13 instead of 12 because the seats at row 12 can’t be reclined whereas 13 can!

dsc09374 dsc09370

Did you know that their hot meals onboard are made freshly daily? Say goodbye to stale airplane food!

I had the Black Pepper Chicken combo while Vera had the Penne Pasta combo and both exceeded my expectation. The chicken wasn’t tough and the black pepper sauce added fragrance to the dish. The penne pasta wasn’t stale nor soggy so we finished our food within minutes!

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During our return flight, we decided to try Ayam Bakar and Shrimp pineapple fried rice but the former two were still my personal favourites! If you’re too stuffed for a full meal, you can always opt for snacks like chips, chocolates and sandwiches. I couldn’t stop munching on these Almond biscotti!!!


It didn’t take us long before we reached Bali. Nothing some food and conversations can’t do (:

And voila, our first stop was straight onto a boat to Nusa Penida!

Broken Baydsc09407dsc09436 dsc09445

Angel’s Billabongdsc09461 dsc09464 dsc09501 dsc09504 dsc09512

Wearing TJM upcoming JUICESEA swimwear!

During the first leg of our trip, we stayed at Akana Sanur which is away from the hustle bustle of Kuta but near enough just to swing by for a meal. I really enjoyed my stay at Akana ; the rooms were spacious, clean and comfortable, service was excellent and breakfast was good!

img_8461 img_8401

dsc09533 dsc09538


img_8451 img_8436

Open air toilet concept!


Motel Mexicola Restaurant @ Seminyak

dsc09580 dsc09609

Rock Bar @ Ayanadsc09616 dsc09625 dsc09653

Nalu’s Bowl @ Single Fin Clubdsc09655 dsc09659 dsc09684


Sunday Beach Club @ Uluwatudsc09687 dsc09696 dsc09701 file_001 file_0022 file_003 file_0033 file_007-11-41-22-pm

Feeling Bali now?

Jetstar Asia is the perfect airline if you’re looking for a holiday without bursting your budget. Like I’ve mentioned earlier on, they have extensive flight routes, good timings, have very little or minor delays, decent leg space (which you can pay a small fee to upgrade if you’re particular about it) and freshly made hot meals onboard! Not to mention, they have many flight deals all the time!

Sophia Chong

Advertorial Featured Outfit

City Girl

November 1, 2016


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Basics are my utmost necessity so once I find something that I like, I tend to get it in many different colours. I like how you can layer over these versatile basics and create different looks with the same pieces. Not only are these Grana 100% silk racerback trapeze dresses comfortable, they come in 6 colours which I already have 4 hanging in my closet right now.

Pair with flats and a denim jacket for the day, then just add heels and a blazer to take you into evening. It’s a tad too long but nothing a quick alteration can’t do (:

Cart out with “SOPHIAXGRANA” and get 10% off + free shipping until the end of November!

Sophia Chong