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July 2016


Rosette Face Wash (sp)

July 24, 2016


Let’s talk cleansers!

Do you girls have a part of your skincare regime which you deem as “least important” or “least impactful”? I used to think that facial cleansers were the least important so I was pretty easy with the cleanser I used regardless of whether it will strip my skin of its needed moisture. It was only after I started using suitable and gentle cleansers then I started seeing an improvement in my complexion. So cleansers actually play a vital role in sustaining a good complexion, as assuming as it may seem (: So today I’ll share with you girls what cleanser is suitable for what skin type!

I’ve acne prone and sensitive skin so I have to use mild cleansers, best clay or gel form. I’ve recently started using Rosette face wash which is also referred to as Pasta Face Wash due to its fine texture and doughy form! Rosette is a skincare brand from Japan, founded in 1929 and their face wash is mainly made with different clay for different functions.

IMG_0226 IMG_0230 IMG_0232


1. For Normal, Combination & Sensitive skin – ROSETTE Sea Clay Smooth Facial Wash Pasta (green packaging)

Sea Clay contains rich natural minerals which absorbs dirt trapped in pores and removes dead skin to give your skin a brighter complexion. The springy and elastic foam formula made with fine sea clay powder traps excess skin cell and impurities as well as cleanses them thoroughly. Aside from that, it also contains rose fruit extract which comes from the seeds of a specific variety of rise which provide fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A to our skin!

The sea clay smooth facial wash will make your skin feel smooth and hydrated after use, and it doesn’t contain any added fragrances/colors/mineral oil

2. For Acne Treatment – ROSETTE Acne Clear Facial Wash Pasta (blue packaging) *the one I’m using now*

This is suitable for those with oily/acne-prone skin or teenage skin. The sea clay and Ghassoul absorbs dirt stuck in pores and remove dead skin cells while the fine clay powder helps to lock in moisture. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredient of stearyl glycyrrhetinate and moisturising asian medicinal herbs which is perfect for fighting inflammation and preventing future breakouts!

I really love the texture of this and how it doesn’t strip the moisture off my skin!

IMG_0311 IMG_0300 IMG_0323

3. Age Defying skin – ROSETTE White Clay Lift Facial Wash Pasta (pink packaging)

For normal to dry skin or matured skin. White Clay facial wash is the one you should look to if you’re looking for gorgeous, glowing skin! White clay is rich in silicon and aluminium silicate which is known to be the mildest of all clays. It has a mild cleansing effect and prevents dull and lacklustre complexion. It also helps to speed up cell turnover while purifying the skin and closing dilated pores. At the same time, it’s effective in lifting up skin and preventing wrinkles.  It contains hyaluronic acid and marine collagen for moisturised, firm, plump skin!

4. For eliminating skin dullness – ROSETTE Ghassoul Bright Facial Wash Pasta (Yellow packaging)

Rid yourself of dull complexion with Ghassoul which has skin brightening properties. It’s abundantly rich in minerals which works to rejuvenate and brighten skin. At the same time, it also contains argan oil which helps to rebalance the skin’s condition and provide extra gloss and skin. Fret not, it’s non-greasy, non-irritating and is easily absorbed by skin.

Now that you’re educated with the various uses each ROSETTE facial wash has, we can move on to their Gommage peeling gel!

The ROSETTE Gommage peeling gel is made by Fruit Acids which can help to get rid of skin dullness and leave you with silly and rejuvenated skin. Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin because they have two kinds of peeling gel. The gentle peeling gel is suited for all skin types, whereas the moist peeling gel is suited for normal to dry skin!

IMG_0276 IMG_0281 IMG_0340

Here’s my skin feeling all fresh, supple and clean after washing with ROSETTE facial cleanser!

They are now available at SGD$9.90 each at Watson’s and SASA so grab it before it’s sold out! 18 million bottles sold worldwide so you know how popular this is! I hope you girls have an idea which to get and what’s more suitable for your skin type after this blog post (:

Sophia Chong


Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream! [SP]

July 12, 2016



Do you want a V-shaped face without undergoing surgery or Botox?

I’m sure that has crossed your mind multiple times but you just never got down to doing anything about it. After I heard that Bio-essence has launched a New Face Lifting Cream specially formulated for sensitive skin, I’m so excited to try it for myself! Along with the Royal Jelly ATP range, this new Face Lifting Cream Sensitive Skin is a breakthrough for Bio-essence that delivers a solution to facial contour reduction for sensitive skin.

After giving it a try, boy does it work instantly! Read on to find out more! 😉


Gotta cleanse the face and get rid of dead skin with Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel before applying the Face Lifting Cream! It’s a very mild formula which makes it suitable for sensitive skin like mine. Picture4 Picture5 Picture6

All the grub and dead skin in just one wash! Never knew I had so much dead skin and grime accumulated on my face after a day out!

Now here’s the exciting part! I decided to apply the Face Lifting Cream only on the left side of my face so I can see the difference when compared to the right side. It is very easy to apply, just massage the cream onto your jaw line, neck and cheeks in an upward motion to enhance the lifting effect.

Picture7 Picture8 Picture9 Picture10

I let it sink into my skin for a good 15 minutes while I went on to have my breakfast and here’s how it looked like after, with a difference of 0.5cm!!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the measurements cos I didn’t expect such a big difference within 15 mins! Incredible!!! Picture11 Picture12


I have been using it once every few days since and I can’t wait to see an even bigger result in a month’s time. To all girls with sensitive skin (myself included), you don’t have to worry about having break outs after using this, as it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. (: Now I know why Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream is the V Face Expert as it has almost instant results and I’m sold by it!

I really love products with Royal Jelly as it contains proteins, vitamins and amino acids which really helps to nourish my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft! It also contains ATP which helps to renew skin, regenerating new skin cells to keep my face looking youthful. The best thing is that this cream is suitable not only for matured ladies but for anyone who hopes to have a sharper facial contour!

Not only does it lift facial contour and help firm sagging skin, it also increases skin’s elasticity, reduces double chin and aids in facial contour reduction. All these with a gentle formula and light-weight texture suitable for sensitive skin. I’m so looking forward to having youthful and bouncy skin with Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream! It is also featured in famous Taiwanese beauty programme, 女人我最大 which you can watch here.

Singapore’s No.1 Face Lifting Cream is now retailing for $49.90 at Watsons, Guardian, and NTUC Fairprice! Get yours today and share with me your results! (:

Sophia Chong