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Battling acne and saggy skin with Cambridge Therapeutics

May 5, 2016

This is gonna be a pretty long post but this is for all the girls (and guys) who are struggling with acne problem and interested in non-invasive face contouring.


For some odd reason, my complexion got a lot worse in year 2015 and it started becoming very oily. I used to have combination skin (only oily on T-zone) but a year ago, my entire face gets oily just after say 3-4 hours out. And because of that, I started breaking out more, have more clogged pores and blemishes. I tried a lot of ways to fix my complexion. I stopped using all beauty products, stuck to one skincare brand which saved my skin few years ago, went for extraction facial but nothing could really stop the blemishes from coming back monthly. My face was bumpy and perpetually oily, I lost confidence in myself. Even when I decked on foundation, it still wouldn’t hide the bumps under the sun and I hate the idea of cake-ing my face to begin with. Here are some pictures of my complexion about 3 months back after 1 session of COLDJET Laser (CJL).

Ps. It was worse, but I can’t find the pictures anymore.


If you look carefully around my jawline, there are a lot of tiny bumps of blemishes. I tend to get it around my jawline and cheek area 🙁

So Doctor Lee from Cambridge Therapeutics advised me to stop all the skincare products I was using and prescribed me his very own concocted skincare regime. It’s a very simple skincare routine for acne prone skin. All the products have a very light texture and doesn’t feel rich at all, which is exactly what my skin needs. The acne gel works exceptionally well for me! I’ve tried TONS of acne cream/gel and this is one of the best for me. My pimples are less stubborn now and my blemishes reduced significantly by 80% in a span of 2 months. It doesn’t feel too dry so it doesn’t make my skin feel uncomfortably tight. I’m religiously following the skincare regime by Dr.Lee and I really see a tremendous improvement on my complexion.


From Left to Right

  1. Wash C, Acne Wash (Acts as cleanser)
  2. Cream E Pure (Applied on T-zone to control oil glands)
  3. Preparation Enhancing Gel (Acts as a toner. Super light texture, I love it)
  4. ISOx Moisture (Sebor regulating, non-comodogenic. I apply this at night as moisturizer)
  5. Acne Lotion (Favorite! It really helps to get rid of acne/blemishes)

Of course, skincare products can only help to maintain the skin condition. On top of the skincare regime, I go for CJL fortnightly. As a whole, it actually helps to control oil glands from producing excessive oil and combat acne on top of rejuvenating the skin with collagen stimulation. Each time I finish the laser treatment, my skin feels a lot softer and tighter and the results are actually LASTING. Unlike other laser treatments I did elsewhere, this actually protects and maintains my skin for an extended period of time.

COLDJET Collagen Laser and HIFU+ Facelift

Dr Lee specialises in natural looking facial rejuvenation techniques such as the COLDJET collagen laser which is non-invasive and with no down-time. Collagen stimulation is a trend that is becoming very popular because unlike Fillers, it gradually rejuvenates sunken area of the face with your body’s own collagen. Patients who demand a more natural rejuvenation will find this modality more to their liking. Contours are soft and natural looking. Dr Lee has treated many satisfied patients using collagen stimulation.

So with the help of just CJL and Dr Lee’s prescribed skincare regime, my complexion has improved significantly over the span of the past 2-3 months. In addition, I’ve also been doing HIFU+ Facelift which helps in facial contouring and lifting. I think it’s ageing plus the fact that I eat a lot which resulted in a saggier and chubbier face in the past year. I used to have a pretty slim face but now I put on weight on my cheeks very easily. Hence, I’ve started on HIFU+ 3 months back which is a high intensity focus ultrasound which helps to lift those sagging areas on the face comfortably. HIFU Plus+ creates micro tightening zones in the SMAS area of the skin that is responsible in lifting and keeping the face in a youthful position. The micro zones of tightened collagen effectively pulls the skin into the desired lifting direction giving the patient a youthful look comfortable and without down time.

I’m super grateful to Cambridge Therapeutics for treatments and skincare that actually work! If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m at Cambridge almost every week to do my treatments and the only reason why I’m so diligent is cos it REALLY WORKS!

Here are photos taken just a week ago right after my CJL and HIFU+ treatment (no face make up)



I know my complexion isn’t flawless now and there’s still room for improvement but it has definitely improved by a lot so I’m gonna keep going to make it better (:

With make up and filter!


 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Another treatment that I’m doing is the Venus Legacy treatment for my double chin. Double chin is one of the first signs of ageing for women and I guess it’s hitting me 🙁 Medical-grade slimming technology Venus Legacy is the latest revolutionary non-invasive Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reductionand Body Shaping. It uses SMART Thermal RF combined with patented MP2 Magnetic Pulse and VariPulse technology to safely penetrate the deeper body tissues. The treatment uses proprietary algorithms to bring together renowned modalities of radio frequency and magnetic field into one safe evenly distributed energy delivery system.

Fat cells are broken down and the body eliminates the destroyed fat cells through its natural metabolic process. After each treatment, light exercise is recommended to accelerate the removal of released fat from the area.

The treatment is non-invasive and comfortable. Your therapist will place the venus handpiece for 10-20mins on each treatment area.A initial course of 6 to 10 treatments are recommended. You may feel a gentle warming sensation as the treatment works to release fat. You can then return to normal daily activity. There is No Risk, No Down-time and No Surgery.

It can also treat other stubborn fat areas such as tummy, thighs and arms.

I know this is a whole chunk to absorb but I’d rather you girls know what each treatment does so you can choose according to your needs. Cambridge Therapeutics offers a huge range of treatments, both invasive and non-invasive so I’d advise you to make an appointment with Dr.Lee so he can advise you the best solutions. Also, Dr.Lee is one of the friendliest doctors I’ve come across, and definitely very professional and knows his stuff so don’t worry you’re in good hands!

Cambridge Medical Group 
391 Orchard Road #08-05A Tower B Ngee Ann City Singapore 238874

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