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April 19, 2016

I love travelling and I’m sure most of you do too. I always look forward to my trips especially when it’s somewhere far far away, and I tend to expect them to be smooth-sailing with no hiccups. But let’s admit it, things can go wrong. I’ve fallen ill, lost my valuables, missed my flights, flights got delayed, gotten into car accidents and lost my baggage when I was overseas. And at the rate I’m travelling, I’m sure I’ll face such incidents again. While we can’t prevent these mishaps from happening, you and I can protect ourselves when they occur by getting a Travel Insurance plan.

AXA SmartTraveller is a comprehensive and inexpensive Travel Insurance plan which has one of the lowest premiums starting from just $0.59/day!

  • Not only does it cover the essentials (flight delays, loss of personal belongings, personal accidents ), it also extends to extreme sports and terrorism.
  • AXA has a 24 hour emergency hotline, which is extremely helpful when you’re stuck overseas or need urgent assistance. Oh trust me this is MEGA important especially when you’re traveling alone and feeling helpless.
  • AXA is having a promotion right now. They are offering a discount of up to 25% when you sign up today!

And here’s how you can sign up!

1) Go to AXA SmartTraveller’s website here and fill in your trip information under ‘Trip Details’ and click on “Quote Now”.


2) Next, you will be presented with a list of benefits that you’re covered under as well as the total cost.


$283.50 for an annual plan is actually really cheap for an avid traveller like me. I travel about 24x a year so that’s just $11.80 per trip! Of course, if you don’t travel as much as me, you can opt for the single trip insurance plan (:

3) After which, you’ll have to fill in your personal details below.


4) In the last step, you’ll simply need to check the boxes below after you’ve read through the terms and conditions as well as how you wish to be contacted before finally proceeding to payment. That’s it!


Travelling is always fun but let’s make it better by travelling with a peace of mind with AXA SmartTraveller!

This post is presented to you by AXA Singapore (:

Sophia Chong

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