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2 days in Kyoto!

March 11, 2016

It was kinda a last minute decision to visit Kyoto but I’m so glad we did it. I couldn’t decide before my trip if I wanted to go Kyoto cos I thought I would be alone and I wasn’t sure about heading to such a beautiful place alone but thankfully Aarika extended 2 more days when we were in Tokyo so we booked our ryokan the night before and bought our train tickets at the bullet train station on the day itself. For some reason, it’s really expensive to travel within Japan so if you’re planning to hop from one place to another, I’d strongly advise you to plan your itinerary and book your tickets beforehand. Also, get your JR pass when you’re in Singapore cos you can’t get it in Japan (IDK why, don’t get the logic) and it’s a lot cheaper to travel around with the pass if you’re gonna be in Japan for a week or more.

My return train ticket to Kyoto cost us $330SGD each and honestly, it’s pretty crazy for a 2.5 hours ride and we were just gonna stay for a night but, I couldn’t leave Japan without seeing Kyoto! You can purchase the train ticket at Tokyo station on the day itself if it’s an impromptu decision. There are other options besides train which you can check out here –


IMG_7290 IMG_7289

First stop in Kyoto – Fushimi Inari Shrine

DSC04218 DSC04222 DSC04223 DSC04235 DSC04258 DSC04267 DSC04272 DSC04274 DSC04276 DSC04277


I love the street food stalls right outside the shrine! So many kyoto snacks!DSC04280 DSC04281 DSC04283

Roasted mochi!DSC04285

My favourite sweet potato!

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Tofu flavoured soft-serve ice cream!

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Gion streetDSC04289DSC04291

A hot bowl of tempura udon meant the world to us in that freezing cold!DSC04292 DSC04296 DSC04299 DSC04301 DSC04304 DSC04310Train ride shenanigansIMG_7288IMG_7036IMG_7034DSC04316Made our way to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove the next morning before we caught our train back to Tokyo!IMG_7081IMG_7078DSC04317 DSC04320 DSC04321 DSC04337 DSC04340 DSC04343

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I really enjoyed Kyoto. It’s so quaint and cultured with so much character to it. Wish I had one more day there so I could catch the Geisha show, go for tea sessions, wear a Kimono and maybe visit the Golden palace. Now I understand why Kyoto is listed as one of Asia’s nicest city/town. It’s beautiful and it’s sooooo different from the bustling Tokyo!

Ahhhh I just wanna go back to Japan now :'(

I’ll be flying off to China tonight so I’ll back with the second and last part of Tokyo soon!

Sophia Chong

Featured Lifestyle Travel

Tokyo Part I : Shiseido!

March 10, 2016

Looking and writing about my Japan trip is tugging my heartstrings. I haven’t had such a good trip since my previous Europe summer getaway and Tokyo is one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s been 3.5 years since I gone there, and I swear it’s pretty much one of the best feelings I’ve experienced this year. I’m super grateful to Shiseido for sending me there this time to learn about the brand’s history and culture, which got me massively mind blown I have to say. I never knew there was SO MUCH to a beauty brand and I’ve a newfound respect for Shiseido. I hope through this post, you will not only know more about Japan but more about Shiseido as well.

No plane selfie but yay to Singapore Airlines! My favourite airline of all time!

Shiseido put us up in Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills for the first three days and I LOVE IT! It’s the best hotel I’ve stayed in so far and if you have the means to splurge, please please please stay here when you’re in Tokyo. It’s under the Hyatt group and is located pretty near to Ginza, the main luxurious shopping district!

View from my room!

And as usual, Shiseido was so thoughtful to provide a whole range of products for me to use when I was in Japan. In fact, they surprised me with different gifts in my hotel room almost every day! *blows flying kiss*


Grabbed some photos of the hotel from Google to show y’all.


640x-1 Andaz-Tokyo-Toranomon-Hills-10

The bathroom is siiiiiiiiiiick and it’s my favourite part of the room! Open concept bathroom always all ways!


7473589_10_z 7473589_11_z fca900432bcd6de226451090bce58142

Yes it’s as good as it looks!DSC04026Best hotel breakfast ever, DAMN!DSC04030 DSC04031

Explored the neighbourhood before heading back to the hotel for a spa sesh arranged by Shiseido! What did I say about being thoughtful right?DSC04036 The weather was pretty gloomy on the first day but thank God it didn’t last through the trip. Temperatures ranged from like 5 degrees to 18 degrees on a good sunny day! I really enjoyed the weather though people usually avoid Tokyo during winter. It was kinda beautiful in its own way.DSC04042

DSC04048 DSC04049 DSC04051

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After an hour of pampering, it was time for Shiseido kick-off party/gala dinner with all the other influencers from other parts of Asia ; Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, S.Korea and Japan. Aarika and I were reppin’ Singapore! So glad to have her with me!

IMG_6448 IMG_6449 IMG_6456

Obligatory selfie because make up was super on point plus I spent 30 minutes painting this face (quite long compared to my usual routine) so really must take selfie to commemorate hahah.

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Outfit for gala dinner!

Outercoat and lace up heels – ZARA
Clutch – CHANEL

IMG_6476 IMG_6483

Jun Yong from Malaysia!

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Won’t you just look at the intricate Japanese bento box. This was provided for us in the Shinkansen (bullet train) enroute to Shiseido museum in Kakegawa. Yes, they have a bloody MUSEUM!


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DSC04060 DSC04061

Past Shiseido ads back in the 1800s? People in the past sure have the patience to read hahaDSC04062 DSC04063 DSC04069 DSC04070 DSC04074 DSC04080 DSC04081 DSC04094 DSC04099 DSC04116

Spotted the majestic Mount Fuji on the way back to Tokyo. Train ride view on fleek!DSC04179 DSC04184

All ready for Shiseido cocktail party!IMG_6576 IMG_6577

With the super pretty Elva Ni from HK!

IMG_6580 IMG_6584

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With all the bloggers!IMG_6902DSC04185 DSC04187

With my cute thai counterparts!

IMG_6899 IMG_6901 DSC04190 DSC04191 DSC04193 DSC04196 DSC04197 DSC04200 DSC04201

So this marks the end of my 3 days with the Shiseido team before I embarked on my 5 days alone in Tokyo and Kyoto! I’ll be back to blog more about that (: Once again, thank you Shiseido for the super pleasant 3 days. I had fun with you guys and thank you for taking care of me like a queen indeed!

Sophia Chong