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Bustline Lifting with Nano Japan

September 4, 2015

DSC00188I’m sure many ladies out there like me have the same boggling question in their head pretty often – How to make yourself look nicer in clothes especially tight-fitting ones or low-cuts? I don’t know about you but I really like wearing low-cuts and bikinis (of course) and while sometimes I don’t give two hoots about how my boobs look in them, there are times I wish they look firmer or more lifted so I look better in my clothes.

As much as I hate admitting the fact that ageing does catch up on us women especially fast, I still refuse to suck it up just like that. Sagging occurs due to many reasons such as post pregnancy, wearing inappropriate bras and clothes, and the inevitable process of ageing. Hence, something really should be done to prevent it while you are still young (or even if you’re not that young, it’s not too late to slow down the process). You don’t want your tummy and boobs to be one after all, do you?

DSC00082 DSC00086 DSC00089

So yes! I’ve been taking Nano Hyaluron Collagen and Nano Royal Jelly to give myself a more lifted bustline. Not to mention, it comes with a ton of other benefits such as skin tightening, whitening, hair strengthening and growth, and stronger immune system! I feel collagen supplements are very important once you hit 25 and above cos it really work wonder overall. In fact, the first time I started on collagen supplements was when I was 21 and I loved it!

It’s super easy to implement Nano Hyaluron Collagen and Nano Royal Jelly into your daily routine, plus it doesn’t taste bad at all!
Simply add one scoop of collagen powder into your favourite drinks (I add it to my morning tea/juice) and pop the royal jelly pill with it and voila, you’re en route to greater skin and firmer bustline!DSC00173


Of course there are many ways to get lifted bustline such as artificial breast augmentation but that’s a lot more expensive and there might be drastic long-term negative effects which will only show when you’re older. So I think consuming Nano Collagen is a pretty good idea, and I’m definitely not complaining about the additional benefits! I’ve been taking it for about 2 months now and will definitely continue (:

Here are some pictures I took recently with a lower cut top heh

DSC00057 DSC00058 DSC00093

I believe the effect of taking Nano Collagen and Nano Royal Jelly together is working so I’m still taking them now.
It’s good to start early and take good care of your womanly assets before it’s too late!
Saggy and unhealthy boobs can be prevented by inner maintenance of Nano Hyaluron Collagen and Nano Royal Jelly. It’s best consumed together for better results (:

Do visit the links below if you’d like to purchase them

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Sophia Chong

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