Favorite line of skincare : Albion

September 28, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time, you would know that I’m a big fan of Albion from my very first bottle of skin conditioner. It’s been almost 2 years (or maybe longer) since my first bottle and I still dare to say, Albion works the best for my skin. I’ve tried a couple of other brands in the past 2 years but nothing works like Albion for me. They do send me products occasionally to try out but I’m also a purchasing customer! Yes, I just bought my own bottle of skin conditioner last week cos I just finished the one they sent me and I can’t live without it. It’s been awhile since I shared about my skincare products so here’s a brief one for you!DSC05580From L to R (also in application sequence) :
Albion Eclafutur, Albion Exage white crystal milk I, Albion Skin ConditionerDSC05583Eclafutur was launched last year and it’s a hit cos it gives ahhhhmazing results! It’s my second bottle and I’m hooked. It’s a cell repairing serum which fine tunes your skin and delivers radiance to your complexion. It’s the NO. 1 step of your routine so apply this before toner, moisturiser etc! Besides promoting radiance, I feel like it aids in my skin texture as well. It feels smoother after each application!
DSC05582THIS is the one product/toner that I CANNOT live without. If you can only buy one product from Albion, go for this! This I promise, is God sent. The skin conditioner is Albion’s star product which helps in whitening, hydrating and oil control. Skin con is super effective for me in the 3 areas above and has helped to reduce my blemish problems tremendously. When I get pimple, I pour the skin con sparingly on a cotton wool and leave it on the pimple for 10 mins! Please please please buy this, it’s the best!DSC05578The other Albion product that I’ve been using religiously is the exage white crystal milk which acts as a moisturiser. It’s to be used after the serum, before skin conditioner! I love how soft and moisturising yet not greasy this is.

I’m not paid to write/hype this so this is coming from the bottom of my heart. Albion works like magic for me and a lot of people that I know of. And I always recommend Albion to my girlfriends when they ask me what’s the best skincare line I’ve used. I can’t promise it will work for everyone but I’ve seen it work on a lot of people and when it works, it works sooooo well! After you girls try Albion, please write in to me via email how it works for you cos I really love knowing that something I wrote about works for you girls (: My busy schedule might not allow me to reply every single email but I’ll be happy to even read them!

You can read more about my past experience with Albion here!
You can comment below if you have any enquiries (:

Albion is available in Takashimaya level 1 and Centrepoint level 1.DSC05384 Go get them radiant skin, girl!

Sophia Chong

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  • Reply Reader October 14, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Hi Sophia, you did a blog post on July 7, about your experience with Trinity Medical Center. May I know if you were using their products when you went for their carbon laser treatments? Or have you been using Albion products during your treatments at Trinity? Are you still going for treatments at Trinity? Sorry for asking so many questions and thank you for taking time to read this! Your skin looks great now 🙂

    • Reply sophiachong October 26, 2015 at 12:39 pm


      I don’t really use their products so I’ve been using Albion! Hahah it’s been awhile since I went cos i’m lazy to travel now heh. And thank you!

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