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Dear Daniel,

August 3, 2015

Thank you. Thank you for being, you. I can’t and don’t ever want to imagine life without you. You’re my stem of support and pillar of strength. These words sound so cliche but they are so true. I’m so glad we fit so well like a jigsaw puzzle. You complement my strengths and accept my flaws, you give me sound advice when I need an opinion and give me space when I want to think quietly on my own. You and I, we are on the same page in almost every aspect and that’s rare. Even though we lead very different work lives, you’re so ever supportive in every way and go out of your way to help. How is a guy working in the finance sector ever interested the fashion/blogging industry. How does a guy who hates taking pictures stay with a girl who takes picture for a living (somewhat, for my blog and IG) for almost 6 years? Sometimes, we defy norms but we always find a way simply because we know we are worth the fight. We both hate painting a picture-perfect couple image on social media platforms but sometimes you still tell me that I should do it cos readers are interested in that stuff (though we really end up just not doing it cos it’s just…not our thing). You’re so understanding, so compromising, so loving, and so supportive and our relationship is just amazing as a whole.

You recently asked me “Why do couples want to stay together when there’s no more passion left in their relationship?” and then it hit me, our passion doesn’t fade with time. It actually grows with time and how often do we find such relationships. You’re my so-many-things-in-one guy. My lover, my soulmate, my best friend, my listener, my gossip girl and everything I can ever ask for. Though you can be an ass quite often and laugh at me in my face even when I’m crying, I still love you very much and there’s not a thing about us that I want to change. I’ll do anything within my capability for you, and you should know it by now.

This is random but who needs a special occasion or a curated photo shoot to express their love right?

I love you, Daniel. I hope you cry reading this.


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