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March 2015


Remembering LKY + Saigon Part 2

March 27, 2015
Before I start on Saigon part 2, I would like to take a moment to remember our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
Happy things aside, I would like to remember MM Lee on my humble space. It is Singapore’s greatest pleasure to have you as our founding father, the rock of our nation. Without you, a big part of Singapore wouldn’t be what she is today. Thank you for giving your whole life to build a home for many generations to come. May your legacy live on and never be forgotten. If I may, in any position to thank you on behalf of all fellow Singaporeans and generations to come, thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew for all that you’ve done for us and for the unborn generations. It’s because of you, that generations after generations can enjoy the fruit of your labour, can so proudly call Singapore our home. Your work is unparalleled, and I know there’ll never be another like you. May you rest in peace and join your beloved wife in utmost happiness. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
This entry I’ll be covering day 2,3 and 4 so enjoy the visuals!
Big breakfast at Cafe L’usine was pretty disappointing. Was expecting it to be really dope since the reviews online are really good :/
Boutique below the cafe
So on the first day when I saw Vietnamese policemen, I already knew I’m gonna take a photo with them. Woohoo!! Don’t you love the green uniform and cap? And they were so nice to oblige to the pose.
Just look at these french balconies! Ahhhhh, such a sucker for French-looking apartments/hotels.
Saigon Opera House
Notre Dame Cathedral which was quite…meh.
Central Post Office!
Most of the tourist attractions in District 1 can be covered within one day since it’s all within walking distance but do note that some of them close pretty early like The War Remnant Museum so we had to go back another day.
Lunch at this famous roadside stall called The Lunch Lady. What makes it so special from other roadside stalls is that they don’t have a fixed menu so they sell whatever they can find at the market daily. Unfortunately, they were selling chicken noodles with chicken blood that day and I don’t take blood so I couldn’t really eat it :/ wish i could try their other dishes though cos they have very good reviews!
Headed to The Deck for a riverside restaurant experience! Not really a wow since the river wasn’t the nicest of all but it was still a pretty nice waterside restaurant.




The War Remnants Museum. A war museum which primarily contains exhibits from the Vietnam War. I love visiting war museums or anything related to war, guess that’s the boyish side of me. It’s always an eye-opener to see what people of the past did and saddening to know and see exactly how innocent lives were destroyed because of war.
The best french food I’ve eaten! Soooooo glad we made the trip to Trois Gourmands cos it’s the most value for money and nicest french food I’ve eaten. In fact, it’s even better than those I had in Paris! We had a 5 course meal for only 45USD. Ahhhh how I wish they had a branch in Singapore, I’ll definitely make it a monthly affair.
The restaurant has a very nice ambience too! It’s in a nice and big french house where the restaurant’s owner live in, and he converted the front part of the house and garden into a restaurant! What a cool idea!







This is my first time to Vietnam and I have mixed feelings about HCMC. I like that the city is rich in history and much of it is preserved till modern days. I love the french influence in the city and the buildings reminds me of my time in Paris. However, other than that, there’s nothing else that I really like very particularly though. The food isn’t very suited to my tastebuds and there isn’t much to do except for cafe-hopping and visiting tourist attractions which can be completed in a span of 2 days if you plan your time properly there. I don’t think I’d go back to HCMC in the near future but I would love to check out other parts of Vietnam like Hanoi, Nha Trang and Danang soon! Please drink A LOT of water and maybe get a face mask cos the weather there is insanely hot and the air pollution is really bad. Came back with a very bad fever and throat infection that I had to postpone my Maldives flight :/
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Saigon Day 1

March 23, 2015
Hello from Saigon! Did some sightseeing today but I’ll leave that for another day. Here are some of my day 1 pictures (: Enjoy!
Clean space at my Airbnb apartment
In case you’re wondering, I’m not sponsored by Airbnb this trip. I paid for it cos Airbnb is a travel lifestyle I truly enjoy (: No regrets booking this apartment at all!
Prior to this trip, I had my hair done at Salon Vim. Decided to go even lighter with the highlights so I tried out ash blonde (or brown)? Really like it!
Readers get 15% off first visit when you mention my name (:
Thank you SV and Fiona for the purrrdy hair!
 Love this photo!
Went to this area called 3A station which sells local designers’ apparels! Pretty interesting but very small.


My Airbnb host recommended us to check out this flea market in District 7 and it was quite nice! Managed to get a few nice accessories and mini macarons for my sis. No pictures there but here’s one by the river while catching the sunset!
Dinner at Nha Hang Ngon which is pretty popular among tourists. Thought the food was alright only though :/
So far, Saigon’s been rather pleasant! I really love the french influence on the architecture, sometimes I feel like I’m in Paris. It’s a good place if you like museums and history (fortunate for me cos I love history) but there’s nothing much to shop for. There are quite a lot of hipster cafes in Saigon so that’s a pro too! Going out for dinner now, be back with day 2 soon!
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“You’re thinking too much”

March 14, 2015
This is for the girls out there.
“You’re thinking too much”/”You’re being overly-sensitive”/”You’re being overly-emotional”. These are the phrases MANY OR ALL girls hear from their boyfriends all the time. And it’s the phrase we hate hearing the most because sometimes we really aren’t overthinking and it’s so f-ing hard to get it across to guys how extremely rational we are at that point. I admit sometimes we do overthink but NOT ALL THE TIME, right? Besides, it’s human nature and hey guys do it too ok! But guys just like to use it against girls like a weapon to shift blame. Sometimes I feel like it’s just a way they try to end the conversation/argument cos they don’t have a better rebut? I mean of course on some occasions or some girls are really nuts in the head. I’ve seen and heard a fair share of it. They really overthink every single thing and get overly emotional/unreasonable over super trivial matters. But hey, not every girl is like that and these “unreasonable girlfriends” are giving us a bad name.
When a girl is sad/angry, she cries or throws a tantrum. Fine, she is being emotional. But have guys ever wondered what’s causing her to behave like that. And when they ask what’s wrong, we tell them the problem or how we feel. They reply “You’re just thinking too much la, can you not be so sensitive?!”. YOU ASK FOR WHAT, REALLY? Why is it that we are ALWAYS the ones thinking too much. Maybe you’re not listening enough instead, especially when we are relating to you guys logically. Just because we are sad or angry doesn’t mean we are high-strung or that our logic is overpowered by our emotions. Instead of looking into the problem, some guys just like to jump into conclusion that we are “unstable” and our opinions should be ignored. I think that’s really f-ed up.
If we turn the situation around where girls say guys are overthinking when they are angry, the guys will confirm rage because we don’t even treat their words and opinions in all seriousness. And that’s how we girls feel! That guys don’t take our opinions seriously even though they are the ones who asked for our opinions in the first place.We feel like we are being treated like a dumbass who can’t control her thoughts/emotions. If a guy sees his girlfriend talking happily to another guy in the club, he will feel insecure/jealous or even angry even when the other guy is just a friend. His imagination might even run wild that the girlfriend is cheating or flirting. That’s natural and the guy isn’t at fault. He’s just being human. BUT if the same situation happens to a girl who saw her boyfriend talking happily to another girl and confronts his boyfriend about it, she will 80% guarantee get this reply from her boyfriend “AIYA YOU’RE JUST THINKING TOO MUCH LA”. Suddenly, it’s not very humanly of girls to feel exactly how the guy would feel if tables were turned.
Oh, so when girls get jealous we are thinking too much but if guys get jealous then they are not thinking too much is it? Someone tell me what logic is this. It’s obviously stereotyping girls are just an overly-emotional, crazy and unreasonable breed.
It’s just damn annoying that no matter what we try to put across to guys (even in the most logical and rational manner), we will always be deemed as “overly-sensitive/irrational” girls just cos our opinions don’t align. What makes guys’ rationality and reasoning the benchmark for us girls? It’s just damn tiring when we girls try to explain to you how we feel and get shut off by “You’re just overthinking la”. You think we will want to continue to be rational with you guys after that since no matter what we do, we are always that “erratic woman”. We can be rational and logical but guys just choose to stereotype  and turn a blind eye to that.
I really hate it when this happens and I’m sure MANY girls feel the same way too. We are hormonally a more sensitive gender but don’t climb over our heads by saying we are “over-thinkers” to run away from a problem. FYI, it’s our sensitive nature that makes us the more caring and observant gender which is also what guys are attracted by. So if guys want the good side of our sensitivity then learn to accept and understand the other side of it.
I’m not saying that all guys are like that or all girls are rational at all times, but it just sucks for the more rational girls to be labelled “over-thinkers” and used as a weapon against us by guys who can’t look beyond it.
That being said, I’ve seen crazy girls who make a mountain out of a molehill and guys who are extremely understanding and nice. So peace out guys, it’s just my two cents’ worth on a boring Saturday night.
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