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December 7, 2014
It’s the time of the night when I just feel like giving thanks, so here it is.
This year, I feel so extremely blessed in every way possible. Sometimes I think God spoils me too much but hey who’s complaining? Almost if not all my prayers were answered and just when I thought things wouldn’t fall into place nicely for me, it just did…so many times. It seems surreal. One of the biggest wishes I got this year was to get Invisalign and just when I was hoping for it, BOOM IT HAPPENED. Then double eyelid surgery (which I’m so super pleased with by the way), then having to work with big clients I’ve never dared to dream of. Then buying my air tick to Stockholm London Paris Bath Kiruna and Abisko. I’m still in disbelief I’m seeing the northern lights in 2 weeks’ time POW WOW WOW. Opportunities I’ve been given by people who believe in me, you guys are so amazing and thank you for placing your trust in me. TJM has been pretty smooth-sailing this year as well minus some bumps, and I’ve bigger and more exciting plans lined up for 2015 for my dear TJM so keep your eyes peeled. This is also one of the best years for Daniel and I. We’ve grown so much together this year and we have started talking/planning about more “adult-ish” things, if you know what I mean 😉 I’m so darn thankful for this great man and nothing would have been any easier without his arm of support and strength. So thank you for being the supportive man behind this sometimes clumsy and silly woman.
I’m at a point of my life I feel like it’s perfect and wish time could stand still. Well of course, no one’s life is perfect but I feel perfection comes from a self-seek contentment. If you learn to be contented with what you have and overlook some imperfections, you’d be much happier and that’s what you deserve. (Ok maybe I’m cheery cos I just and finally got my iPhone6 today wahahah).
I pray next year would be even better. That I can work more with like-minded people whose mindsets and passions intertwine with mine. That TJM can be bigger and better. That people I love remain happy cos that makes me equally happy. And that the flame with Daniel will continue to burn bright and alive. Learn to fall in love with life, and life will love you back.
Goodnight to those who still read this space, X!


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