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October 24, 2014
I had the most colorful cheesecake of my life and thought I should share more about it since SO MANY people on my Instagram liked and commented on the picture. I chanced upon a picture of the cake on Instagram explore page and knew instantly I had to try it so I made a trip down with Judith to Tian Kee & Co. Thank you for going with me on such late notice, love you boo!
Tian Kee is a provision-turned cafe situated at Dakota Crescent. It’s super old school as it’s housed in the ground floor of low-rise flats and they preserve certain elements like cemented flooring and marble tiled tables. Love the entire vibe, could be the most hipster cafe I’ve been to in Singapore.
Iced nuts about you ($7) is a nutella flavored coffee if I remember correctly. They use coffee cubes to retain the taste. Really liked the coffee except that it kept me up till 3am hehe.
The food on the other hand was quite disappointing. Smoked salmon salad (approx $14) was a tad too sour and bread was a bit stale. The big breakfast ($14.90) was decent but not something I’d come back for. The truffled scrambled egg wasn’t very truffle-ish but I liked the pork sausages.
And yes, the unicorn of cheesecakes! Was super enticed when I saw the whole cake and I couldn’t wait to try it. The rainbow cheesecake (approx $6.50) texture is like tofu cheesecake so I like it! I would give it 8/10 (demerit points cos I thought it was a bit too salty)! I really like the texture, color and overall taste so it’s a yay for me!
I wanna go back to try the yuan yang cake and durian cheesecake also!
Sweater weather outfit, skirt coming up on TJM this Sunday!
Tian Kee & Co
12 Dakota Crescent #01-48
Tue to Thu: 12pm – 9pm


Fri: 12pm – 9pm
Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 10am – 8pm


Went for facial at Trinity Medical Centre before Tian Kee since it was nearby! My complexion has been pretty alright but just wanted to go back to my doctor to check if I can improve it further!
Just a little bit of clogged pores and dehydration but other than that, Doctor Lim said my complexion improved! YAY! 😀



But I really hate clogged pores cos it gives me small little bumps so he recommended I use this exfoliating scrub to cleanse my pores thoroughly. It won Bazaar’s best exfoliating scrub so I really hope it will completely eradicate my clogged pores problem. Tried it once already and my skin really felt damn smooth after that, love it!
Did minor extraction to remove all the white/black heads!
Face after extraction! The redness went away after 1 day.
Dr Lim also recommended I do IPL for my face so it will be more radiant and it also helps to lighten my dark spots so I gave it a shot. There’s not much of a down time and it didn’t hurt as well. It’s been a couple of days since I did the IPL already and my skin is definitely more glowy and radiant than before! Doesn’t look as dull as before.
Some pics after IPL!
There’s filter in this collage cos I was being vain hahaha.
Can’t really see a huge difference now but I think it will be more evident after a week? Y’all can stalk my IG for the next few weeks for selfies if y’all wanna track my progress but I’m already liking the radiance now!
For those who are interested, you can check it out here
Trinity Medical Centre
87 Marine Parade Central
(+65) 6344 0027
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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