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October 21, 2014
As an online shop owner and blogger, I’m usually very busy with work once I wake up till I sleep. Take photos for advertorials, go for photo shoot, draft blog posts, travel overseas to source etc etc. It’s really tiring and stressful sometimes and I don’t have much time to unwind. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious to most of you that the way I unwind is usually to go for beach vacations. On days I don’t have time to travel overseas, I’ll go for a swim, read a book, have a hearty meal, watch a movie. Or on days I don’t even have time to do the above, I’ll drink something refreshing to relieve some stress. And my current favorite de-stress drink is…………….
F&N NUTRITEA Lemongrass with ginger!
Super happy I discovered this Lemongrass with ginger drink from F&N NUTRITEA!!! It’s my favorite drink when I wanna freshen up or even relieve my headache from using my laptop too much.
Lemongrass is renowned for its calming and therapeutic effects which is perfect for stressful and busy me. Ginger delivers a soothing warmth from within, restoring harmony and wellness.
Initially, I had my reservations about the drink and if it’s another healthy brew off the shelves. Until the effects of Lemongrass and ginger took place! When I took my first sip I thought OMG IT’S SOOOO GOOD. It felt light, refreshing, a tad sweet. Most importantly of all, it’s the after-effect of drinking it.

It felt soothing and calming at the same time. Made me feel relaxed as if I had just done an hour massage at a spa or something. I now have a packet with me at my work and study table, whenever I’m working so the drink relaxes me every time I tense up due to stress and tight timelines (y’know, rushing to meet deadlines, meet my launches etc.) It doesn’t just soothe me, but also perks me up instantly cause the taste of Ginger gives a kick!


I started with the small carton and now I’m at my big carton already! I even passed my sister another small carton and asked her to bring to work and drink so she can de-stress at work too. How convenient!
I love the small carton cause I can bring it out and put it in my bag like an aunty. I have it with me when I do my shoots, cause I have a sensitive stomach and gets gastric pain and stomach disorder from time to time. The drink also aids in my headaches and exhaustion –
the usual symptoms I get whenever I get too engrossed with work, especially when I’m traveling.
If you’re dealing with either school or work, please give it a try too! You will feel much much much better after drinking it because the drink soothes!
Simply upload a selfie of yourself with a pack of F&N NUTRITEA on Instagram and #nutriteasoothes.
Make sure your caption answers why you think you deserve to win it! Make sure you get your friends to like your picture also!For more information, head over to www.nutritea.com.sg/lemongrasswithginger/
Here’s the picture I’mma upload (:
It’s super easy right? Go do it now (: You might just be the lucky winner of a FREE staycation and a F&N NUTRITEA hamper! It’s gonna be such a great way to unwind!
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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