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September 25, 2014
 Many people have been asking me how my complexion improved so much over the year. My skin is definitely not perfect now but it has gotten so much better over time. There’s really no fast and hard way to getting better skin. The only secret, if there’s one is hardwork, commitment and of course using right and suitable skincare products. Besides religiously using my Albion skincare range, I’ve recently started exfoliating my face with GLO-ME microdermabrasion which works like a Diamond Peel treatment!
Got a video below, read on!!
This is my face with no make up except for eye make up and lipstick. I love waking up to a fresh radiant complexion, and GLO-ME dermabrasion so happened to be the solution.
So what exactly is GLO-ME dermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that exfoliates the uppermost layer of dead skin cells exposing the supple, glowing layer of skin underneath it. GLO-ME is a diamond peel microdermabrasion and comes with vacuum suction. It is a dual skin rejuvenating procedure that gently abrades the outermost layer of skin with a diamond tip and remove dead skin cell. The vacuum suction at the same time helps to bring the collagen and blood flow to the upper surface of the skin. These actions promote the growth of new healthy skin cells improving overall skin appearance. This process is non-invasive, pain-free, and requires no recovery time.
So these are what come in the package!
A GLO-ME microderm device, replacement tips, disposable filter tips and a portable pouch to store your device. I’ve included a video to show you how to use it and what I feel about it! Hope it’s helpful (:
Here are the benefits of GLO-ME microdermabrasion : 
 Removes dead cell and restore overall radiance to skin
 Improves the skin texture and smoothness
 Improves the appearances of mild acne, and superficial scarring
 An effective treatment to help improve the appearance of mild stretch marks
 Reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.
 Allows for better absorption of skincare products.
And some important points to note : 
 Do not overlap treatment area
 Always start from low intensity
 Always use on dry cleaned skin
 Always go with short strokes
 Always lift up your skin when performing the treatment
Some pictures of my bare face after using GLO-ME microdermabrasion
And some after applying make up!
For those who are curious, I’m using the white tip cos I’ve sensitive skin. For those with normal skin, you can use the silver tip. I do this once every 1-2 weeks but it varies for different skin condition (: And it’s best to put a hydrating mask after the microdermabrasion to restore moisture back to the skin.
I know it’s a little pricey but if you do your math, it’s actually cheaper in the long run to do this at home than to pay to go to facial parlors to do it. And of course MY READERS GET DISCOUNT 😀 WOOOOHOO!
Simply quote “SophiaC10” to enjoy 10%  off your GLO-ME purchase, valid till 31st October 2014!
U.P. $348
You can call 63382619 or email enquiries@clariancy.com for more details.
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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