Hello, I’ve missed you.

August 25, 2014
Yes, I really do. I miss penning down my thoughts and doing pictorial updates (though I guess Instagram does a better job now). I miss doing random vlogs, writing down personal thoughts, answering ask.fm/formspring though some questions can be annoying hahah. But work has really taken a toll on me now I barely have time to even surf the net leisurely, not to mention watch TV.
Besides, there’s been so much “blogger drama” going online recently that I just don’t even feel like being active online though I’m not directly involved in it. It just kills the vibe you know? Why can’t people just get along fine or if they don’t, why can’t they mind their own business and get on with their own life. I always don’t get it. Why spend your precious time and life hating on people who won’t make a difference in your life when you can use the time on better and happier things instead like close friends, reading, watching a good sitcom or even on your pet? There will ALWAYS be something or someone to hate on be it self-entitled, big-headed bloggers who think that just being a blogger is the greatest deal alive (not targeted at anyone specifically but let’s just say I have a distaste for such personalities), or keyboard warriors who blindly follow the crowd and hate on whoever’s on the “main topic”. Oh, come on.


Saw this quote and I think everyone, including myself should constantly remind ourselves.
“You never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”
Haha don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna write another “a bloggers’ life is actually tough” blah blah blah post. Life is great to keep harping on the same string (:
So like I said I’ve been sooooo busy with TJM (like even busier than before) cos business has picked up over the past few months and I’ve made it a point to work at least 6 hours everyday, usually 10. Sometimes I get some nights off to meet Daniel for dinner or meet my friends for drinks but other than that, I’m always working.
Here’s a little pictorial update of my August so far!
Supposed to be a short work trip alone but Donna decided to join me 3 days before I flew off. Lol this is gonna sound gay but Donna exudes happy vibes cos she’s so bubbly and talkative so being around her for 3 days straight was jolly!
Daniel just started work last month so we have been meeting lesser so I cherish every moment with him now. Happy to even have quick dinners with him(:
Quick brunch with Judith after she came back from Tokyo to catch up and to take some pictures. I really love taking photos (not just of myself of course hahaha) so I appreciate days like these where we walk around aimlessly to take pictures.
Lol this is a super unglam picture of her but I think it’s quite cute and funny. Now you know how she takes all her food pictures! She’s also another bubbly girl I love to be around with 😀
Obligatory selfie cos I….love my complexion now! Revealed on my IG why my complexion is getting better so too bad for you if you don’t follow me ^^
Love this entire outfit by www.thejuicemarket.com!
Glad that I wrote this blog post even though it’s 3.15am now. Really miss this space and I’ll be back as soon as I can. I’m way more active on Instagram so I’ll see you more on the other side <3
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