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July 24, 2014
Many of us are gradually becoming more health and fitness conscious.
In fact, I see posts of like work outs on my Instagram almost everyday. I have also started exercising and have been attending Pilates classes, but sometimes it’s just so hard to track my progress.
Hence, I’m really glad I have my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and Samsung Gear Fit to keep track of my exercise progress.
Look at how small and handy the Samsung Gear Fit is.
The Samsung Gear Fit is a unified version of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. The sleek and lightweight Samsung Gear Fit comes with real time fitness coaching that provides workout recommendations. It helps to set goals like calorie intake, distance and time, or to manage workout performance. Also, it has pedomater and a heart rate sensor!!!
Best part?
You get instant notifications on your gear fit from your phone like incoming calls, emails, SMSes, alarm, S planner, 3rd party apps so you can stay connected while on the move.
Let me show you how it works and some of my progress!
The pedometer basically detects and records the number of steps you take and calories burnt from it.
I still don’t understand how this genius of a device does it but it’s really accurate.
Yay 10kcal burnt just from 0.24km of walking. My goal is to take 10000 steps a day!


There’s also another function called “Log daily food intake” which measures calories ingested against calories burnt for physical activities. By using the BMR method, S Health recommends me my maximum daily calorie intake and calories to burn to maintain current weight. Girls on diet or looking for a healthy eating habit?? There you go!
As you can see, I eat the most for breakfast cos it’s the most important meal of the day!



Another fun function is the heart rate sensor! I went around my house measuring everyone’s heart rate and mine’s the fastest! Maybe cos I’m the youngest? Hahah.
The one above was taken after I did sit-ups at home!
The Samsung Gear Fit is certified water and dust resistant so you can bring it along for adventures like mountain climbing etc, and you don’t have to worry about spoiling it.
And if you wanna “zhng” it up, it’s designed with changeable straps!
Just me logging my calorie intake after a post-pilates hearty brunch!
It really has been a great companion for my daily activities, and I look forward to more adventures with it!
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