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June 2014

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Seoul : Ewha Women University & MyeongDong / #TOPPOKISISTERS

June 12, 2014
I’m gonna split up my posts in areas we covered instead of days so it’s easier for y’all to search in future.
On our second day, we wanted to get some serious shopping done cos we didn’t buy much on the first day and we needed shoes sooooo badly!
Many of my friends recommended me to shop at Ewha Women University area cos it’s cheaper and trendier. To our disappoint, we didn’t really see anything that caught our eyes. I think Korean fashion is just not our thing? We only managed to get a few pairs of heels at pretty steep prices in spite of our superb (and desperate hahaha) bargaining.
They sell a lot of “blog shop/taobao” shoes there and they will quote you like 60,000 won which is approximately SGD$74!!! You can easily get them on sprees for like $25-$35 in Singapore. It’s crazy. We ended up paying almost $40 after bargaining for what seemed forever for every pairs we bought there cos we just needed shoes.
Anyhoos, take a look at the uni!!! Such a beautiful ground to study at!
Lol I don’t know why I was so happy but I remember Frans telling me I looked like I was carrying my bath towel around LOL.
My QT #toppokisister!!! Can’t be more blessed to have her as my travel companion, 爱死你了:*
Found a row of flowers as a backdrop to camwhore hehe.
My verdict on Ewha Women University?
It’s very different from what I had pictured it to be but I suppose it’s one of the better places to shop in Seoul other than Hongdae. I cannot imagine how expensive shopping at other areas would be since the supposed “college student prices” in Ewha and Hongdae are the cheapest around cos it really wasn’t cheap at all. Or maybe we just didn’t explore enough. We kinda gave up after an hour and just went to Myeongdong instead. I guess you could give Ewha a try since everyone else is raving about it (:
So, we decided to take a cab to Myeongdong. The cab fares in Seoul are similar to Singapore, just make sure they on the meter. Alternatively, you can travel around by the subway. It’s very convenient and relatively easy.
So, we set foot in the busiest street/area in Seoul.
MYEONGDONG, the land of cosmetics and skincare. Brands like Innisfree, Etude house, VDL, Nature Republic, Holika Holika, Too cool for school etc etc were lining the busy street. And there were so many repetitive shops, like 5-10 Etude house outlets in Myeongdong???!! I don’t really understand why though.
We managed to get some skincare and cosmetics but it wasn’t particularly cheap either. Laneige in DFS is even cheaper. Good quality face masks cost around $2- $4 per piece. I don’t see all the 50 cents ones that I heard leh!! WHY AH??? Isit just us or is it really getting expensive there?
The ones in Hongdae were nicer though.
I really love the soup and seafood pancake. AHHHHHH mameeee I want to eat them now.
Too bad I didn’t get the name but it’s tucked in some inconspicuous alley with lots of celeb photos on the walls of the restaurant. Must be famous hehe.



Egg bread round 2 *ding ding ding*
Myeongdong is really a paradise for skincare and make up junkie! You can find all the Korean brands here. My favorite has to be Innisfree where I was so close to sweeping shelves. Their clay mask is goooood! Other than skincare, they have quite a lot of good stores to shop at such as A-land, American Apparel and Uniqlo. There are quite a lot of shops selling streetwear as well but prices are steeper (stuff are nicer) as compared to Hongdae and Ewha. There are also tons of street food stalls and small food joints!
Great place to stay at if you can deal with crowds! (:
Meanwhile, be rad! I’ll be back!
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Featured Food

Tatsuya lunch set!

June 10, 2014
Tempura set, $32
Chirashi set, $35.90
Both the sets come with soup, salad, appetizer, chawanmushi, fried tofu and fruits!
Yuzu chawanmushi!
I really love the texture of the chawanmushi. It melts in the mouth! However, I’m not a fan of the Yuzu infusion heh.
Tatsuya is one of the better fine-dining Japanese restaurants in Singapore and though I’ve only been there twice or thrice so far, it’s one of my favorite places to go for jap cuisine! I’ve tried the salmon aburi sushi and beef cubes and I really liked it tho I’m not a fan of beef. It’s expensive if you order ala-carte or have dinner there though (from $100 – $300 per pax). Depends what you order! However, they have super value for money lunch sets which range from $30-$50! Their chirashi is very popular. There’s a pretty unique taste to it which I like.
Can’t wait to head back to try other stuff!
Lunch set starts from 12nn to 3pm. Last order is at 2.30! Remember to make reservations especially on weekend (:
Goodwood Park Hotel
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Hover Finger

June 8, 2014
What is Hover Finger?
Hover Finger occurs when you’re at the last step of your purchase and you suddenly decide not to make payment. It’s like a literal action of your finger hovering at the “Pay Now” tab. Sounds familiar?
I’m sure many of you, if not all, have experienced this before. Even I still have the Hover Finger disorder!!!


Why and when do I have Hover Finger?
I LOVE shopping online, be it for clothes, electronic goods, air tickets, hotels etc etc. It’s just so much more convenient than going to a physical store or a travel agency, but it always comes with risks. Will the pair of jeans fit me? What if they don’t mail my item out after payment? Is the website secure and safe for me to book my travels? Should I really spend $200 on those sale items? SO MANY QUESTIONS GOING THROUGH MY HEAD WHEN I’M ABOUT TO MAKE PAYMENT.
Doesn’t this happen to you too? Don’t worry, cos you’re definitely not alone!
Even as an online store owner, I get a lot of dead buyers and that’s probably the effect of hover finger 🙁
As you all know, I travel quite a lot so I’m always on the hunt for the best airline bargains. Sometimes, I land myself on online travel agencies which I’ve never heard of or booked with before.
For example, I wanted to book an air ticket to Bangkok a few days ago so I tried to search for the cheapest fare. Soon enough, I landed myself on a site that I was completely unfamiliar with.


*changed my number to a fake one when I took a screenshot so don’t prank that number k(:*
Keyed in all my details, hesitated for awhile and eventually, decided not to book it in the end. I was scared that it could be a scam website and I won’t get both my flight and money back!
Kinda regret though cos it was a pretty good deal :/I feel like I’m losing out on a whole lot of good deals because of Hover Finger and I really don’t want to anymore!
I’m sure you girls have something to say about this too.
Share your experiences and tag #HoverFinger so I can read about them (:
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