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Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

May 22, 2014
I was alone in BKK two weeks ago and I had some spare time so I decided to check out Purr Cat Cafe Club at Thonglor. It’s pretty hard to find cos it’s tucked in a deep alley. Better to take a cab in if you’re unfamiliar with the roads/soi.
I’ve always been a dog lover and never really gave much attention to cats but for the past one year I’ve been surrounded by cat lovers that I gradually developed a liking for kitties too. And I gotta say after this trip to Purr cat cafe, I like cats even more!
Are you ready for the most number of cat selfies you will ever see in one single post? Heheh.
Totally unbothered and unimpressed with me but it’s ok I still love you sleepy kitty!
“Guard cat”
This cutie kept staring at my bag like it wanted to protect it. SO CUTE!!!
And then the little kitten which I saw………….
AHHHHHH I’m super in love with the kittens. They are sooooooo bloody cute?!!!!! I wish they were allowed out of their “cage” but they were too young to mingle around with everyone.
And this super fierce-looking kitty is called Buno if I’m not wrong! It’s not very fierce but kinda in her own world?
Doesn’t it look like a white version of garfield? Super fluffy and cute. Too cute for selfies with me, oh wells~~~
And this alien-looking cat!
Hahah aren’t they all so cute???? I love Purr cat cafe I wanna go back there again soon!
How’s the one in Singapore? Are the cats as cute? ^^
Purr Cat Cafe Club
63 Soi Sukhumvit 53
Open from 11am – 9pm
You can also access it from Thonglor soi 9. Keep walking straight and turn left when you’re at a dead end, then walk straight a bit more. The cafe is on your right!






Have a great week :*
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  • Reply Alexey Rudko May 23, 2014 at 6:00 am

    Very nice place and cute cats! Cat cafes are also very popular in Europe http://www.cat-cafe.lt Cat Cafe in Vilnius

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