February 15, 2014
Sometime last month, I went to Hong Kong for 5 days with two of my best girlfriends Vera and Angelyn and it was such a goooooooood trip I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I will always enjoy HK for its food, familiarity/roots, that homely feeling I get (cos my maternal gramps were from there and I speak canto at home), the awesome cooling weather during winter, the style and…good-looking boys hahaha. Ok la the girls are damn pretty also but whatevs, the boyz are (Y). And of course, travelling with my two BBGs was the highlight! <3 Super happy this trip materialized.
Part 1 will cover day one and two cos there are too many photos.
WELCOME TO HK! The iconic bridge on the expressway from the airport to the city!
Arrived at our hotel at 7am, just imagine how exhausted we all were! Check-in was only available at 3pm so we decided to waste no time, and go for Breakfast nearby (Jordan) then head to Ocean Park! Yeah, imagine Ocean Park with barely 2 hours of sleep.
My two babies who were so spontaneous in dressing up with me! :*
And breakfast at none other than…AUSTRALIAN DAIRY COMPANY!
Super silky and soft steamed milk pudding! I prefer the white one though!
People always say the macaroni is damn normal and overrated. HMMM NO???? IT’S DAMN YUMMY, WE ALL LOVE IT. Comfort food is not suppose to taste exquisite and shit. The simpler the better, and that’s what this is about!
And the best scrambled egg + toast!
Such a pity I didn’t get to try this ride :/ and I probs won’t go to Ocean Park anytime soon cos it’s not exactly very thrilling for me.
We all looked damn groggy from the plane ride and lack of sleep :/
Behind these photos, we were actually freezing like crazy cos it was super cold and windy on the first day! It was pretty damn insane but…I love it hahah.
Spent about 6-7 hours in Ocean Park playing roller coaster rides, visiting the Ocean Aquarium, and taking the cable car. By the time we left it was 6 ish and it was a PAIN IN THE ASS to hail a cab cos the queues were insanely long. I wished I knew the number to call a cab.
Headed back to our hotel to check in, and here’s our room!
It’s very small but standard Hong Kong room size. We stayed at Eaton Hotel which was very pleasant. Pretty near to a lot of food stalls/Sasa and 10 mins walk to Jordan MTR station. It was also off Nathan road which was really convenient. The room was very clean and the service was pretty good. Will consider staying there again next time (:
Dressed up as taitais-alike and detectives to camwhore before heading out for dinner. Yeah, girls…. hahaha.
Then we went out as normal human beings hahah
Pretty glorious plate of chicken and charsiew rice but I can’t remember the name of the stall/the price :/
After dinner, we roamed a bit around our area and headed back to the hotel for an early night!
We decided to spend our 2nd day in Kowloon area for street side shopping and food!
Started our day with Dim Sum at Cheers restaurant just a stone throw away from our hotel! Read about it on tripadvisor that it has very good dimsum!
Overall the food was nice but it wasn’t shockingly nice. Maybe 7.8/10? I remember it was very reasonably priced tho!
Love the scarf I got from Zara!!!
After dimsum, we took a train down to Prince Edward for….Fa Yuen Street!!! The street of cheap shoes, bags and clothes. 
For those who are interested, take a train to Prince Edward and take exit B. There will be road signs that will direct you to Fa Yuen street (about 5 mins walk away). Don’t walk on the main Fa yuen street cos they sell mostly fruits, stockings, socks etc etc. Walk along the side pavement of Fa yuen street where there’s a line of shops down. The quality of the shoes/clothes aren’t super good but very worth the price you pay. Eg, one knitted top is about $8 – $12SGD. A faux fur jacket is usually less than SGD$20. Shoes are about $15 – $30!
The start of Fa Yuen street!
Shop along the shops on the left side (the one with brown signboard) then once you’re done with the lane, cross opposite and do the same.
Refreshing thai coconuts!
There are a lot of street food stalls in Mongkok so you can take your pick! There are things like smelly tofu, curry fishballs, small intestines etc etc! Personally, I don’t really like it a lot so I don’t buy from them but it’s a hit among the locals and tourists!
 We walked further down to Argyle street for more shopping and COLD NOODLES!!!

I love HK cold noodles so much I’ll never leave HK without eating it! 
You can find it at the 1st level of Argyle Centre!
Shopped super a lot that day we were so tired and famished so I brought them to Sushi One for supper! 50% after 10pm!

Over ordered much? Hahah we left feeling like pigs…and we went to Macs to buy more fries after that hahah!
Headed back to the hotel after supper cos we were damn tired from shopping and eating lol. Such an awesome life to be tired from eating and shopping. 
Will continue with part 2 soon!
Meanwhile, launching new collection TONIGHT at 7PM.
The white shirt and ripped denim jeans I wore in HK on the first day will be up in the collection as well (:
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong

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  • Reply Tifa Mai February 16, 2014 at 4:39 am

    This makes me want to go Hong Kong so much!!!! I went when I was very young in Grade 4. I went to Ocean Park as well, and I agree it wasn't really amazing! By the sound of this post, I really need to go back for the FOOD.

  • Reply Peter Russo March 20, 2014 at 2:35 am

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  • Reply kiwi.baby May 8, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    It' s seems you had good time over there. Well post

  • Reply Bill Shootfilm July 17, 2014 at 3:24 am

    Nice photos there and great food review.

    Here's a short video that I created during our HK trip. Compiled photos of HK street scenes and short video clip.



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  • Reply Nicole Lee January 19, 2015 at 5:15 am

    Hello Sophia,
    May i know which hotel you girls staying in?

    thankyou 🙂

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