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January 2014



January 20, 2014
So I went back to Amy Beauty Link for my brows touch up! This time I brought my daddy along! 
Disclaimer : I did not drag my dad there. My dad wanted to try embroidery on his own accord hahaha
Here’s how it looks like during the process. Bearable pain.
And this was taken right after touch up. Still very dark!
And this is a week after touch up…

*close up of my double eyelid make up*
Did cluster eyelash extensions this time also! A bit too thick though, must remember to tell them to go light on it the next time (: my bad for not specifying properly.
This is my dad’s before and after picture! The after picture was taken right after embroidery hence it’s very reddish. 
Just a recap of discount for my readers if you haven’t used it yet!
U.P $450
My readers pay : $398 (with a complimentary touch up)

Single lashes : $90 – $150
3 lashes to 1 : $80 – $120
My readers get 10% off

One full session : $198
Touch up : $30
Quote my name when booking appointment to enjoy the discounts for 3D embroidery and eyelash extensions! I highly recommend you to do 3D! 

Far East Plaza
Tel : 67382180

Just last week, I received a very pleasant surprise at my doorstep! I love all things that come in a form of boxes!
What’s better than having an #ootd box which consists of everything you need for the perfect outfit of the day – stripe dress with belt, black sling bag, accessories, and even things like falsies, shower gel and face mask!
I think it’s really creative, no?
All these for ONLY $35!
A dress and accessory online would easily cost me that already!
Here’s the dress and chained bracelet they sent me (together with other items in the ootd box).
You can check out various ootd boxes here ->
Get your OOTD BOX from Lyraminn now!
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First trip of 2014 : 泰国

January 16, 2014
 I was blessed late last year with a free hotel stay in Bangkok prior to making any work/travelling plans for 2014, so when I got the hotel voucher for 4 days I rang Daniel up and told him, “Let’s go BKK! Hotel and air tickets on me!” And tadah…I spent my first overseas trip of 2014 with Daniel last week. 
Just a few shots of our lovely one bedroom suite at Chatrium Residence which was beyond comfortable and cosy. Very spacious for us to lounge around too.
Where Daniel spent most of his time. Guys just like to watch TV in hotel rooms ah? I don’t get it. At home no TV meh????
Kitchenette which was completely untouched
Hotel pool!
Hotel from the outside. 
30 baht well spent 😀
The famous chatuchak coconut ice cream! Had the yummy chicken noodles too!
Daniel’s best friend for the trip. Everyday also “Thai iced milk tea please kup”!!!
Went back to wash up and changed to go out for dinner @ Thonglor!
Wanted him to try the food at my friend’s restaurant! I love the food there albeit the slightly steeper prices in comparison to BKK standard prices. 
Awesome duck and mango spring roll, mentaiko scallop pasta, sake jelly and truffled parma ham pizza!
The restaurant is called Mellow @ Thonglor for those who are interested!
Went to grab a drink, and here’s my cocktail named “melt my heart”. How cheesy hahah.
Hotel breakfast which was kickass!
Helper of the day heheh TQ!
WAY TOO CUTE!!!!!!! *_*
VS angel wannabe hehehe.
So happened our 3rd day there was 13th Jan, the Bangkok Shutdown hence we decided to stay in the hotel to swim!
Do y’all like this crochet monokini??? Might manufacture it into an upcoming Juicesea piece! Love the crochet details in real life!
Dress coming up on TJM soon!
Soi 38 midnight goodness!
Angelyn just got back from Sweden and she was flying down to BKK on my last day so decided to meet her for brunch! Can’t believe the first place I’m meeting her after 1 year is in BKK!
He and his thai iced milk tea AGAIN!
The trip would have been better if not for the inconvenience caused by the shutdown. However, still very happy to revisit BKK together with Daniel since the last time we went tgt was 3 or 4 years ago?
As usual, questions regarding BKK won’t be answered.
On a separate note, I just wna share with you girls my new nail and waxing sponsor, Charme, which I absolute love!
Not just because it’s my sponsor, but because their nail art is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!
Here are the past 2 designs I did with them so far!
Especially like the marble base! So freaking natural looking and just an amazing work overall! Very detailed!
 And my latest one : TARTAN NAILS! I’m crazy over tartan prints now and I’m just super happy when I saw the final result. IT’S SUPER PRETTY AND CHIC! Perfect for CNY but not too cheena-ish, if you get what I mean? 
The staff are just extremely talented and careful when doing my nails!
So basically that’s how the shop is like. Clean and cosy, just the way I like it! Super enjoy pedi there also cos they scrub and moisturize my feet like a princess!
And here’s the room where I did my brazilian wax! I have a super low pain tolerance level for bwax so I was very scared when I entered the room but the staff, Stephanie just kept talking to me to keep me distracted from the pain! 😀 And before I know it, the session was over!
 Go get your CNY nails done at Charme! Really love how clean, careful, detailed and professional they are!
Call them in advance to book appointment cos they are quite busy before CNY period!
Far East Plaza
Tel : 6733 6958
Heading to HK next week with my bbgs and I’m so excited. But gonna work through my weekend to put up a launch before I fly off! Hope everyone’s been good X 
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January 9, 2014
Just a casual outfit I put together to wear my new sneakers. Such a steal, how I love end year sale! Might bring this new pair of babies to HK with me!
An effortlessly chic outfit for lunch with Frans and errand day! Thick woolen tribal sweater from Ninthstore. Will be talking about it again soon!
Finally wore my strapped heels out after buying them for a year. Didn’t wear it out previously cos Daniel told me it looks very aunty-ish, BUT whuttttt, it doesn’t at all! What was I thinking listening to guys’ opinion on female shoes hahaha.
Chilling at Donna’s new shop, Select Store at 74 Sultan Gate!
Love the Supreme cap and arm loose tank top. It’s actually for guys but whatevs, makes it hotter on a girl ^^
What I typically wear on days I don’t wna dress up/just running errands/no mood to take ootds. I’ll just slip on a maxi, or some shorts with loose t-shirt or tank top and sandals! Spent the day shopping for wintery accessories for my HK trip!
Not much of an outfit here but just showing you guys my glasses! L o v e it. 
Probably gonna be my school look when my classes illegitimately start.
Lemme know how y’all feel about this post and if I should post more of such outfit posts (:
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