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January 28, 2014
Did an outdoor shoot for TJM yesterday and I really like the pictures so am gonna share them with you before releasing it on TJM!

Black off-shoulder top available on TJM now!

I really like how the photos turned out since we were just shooting outside Donna’s new shop. TQ Ponyzz for always taking nice pictures for me :* She’s doing outdoor shoot now, so you can contact her if y’all wanna do a shoot! Her new camera is superfly.
I love taking pictures like the ones we took today and if you guys noticed, I don’t really smile much in pictures neither do I pose sweet girly poses. I know the sweet-smiling, cute girl next door, pretty to death kinda pictures sell. Who doesn’t like a sweet pretty girl after all? But it’s just not me, yknow? I like to pose like a boy sometimes, sit on the floor or on a bench with one leg up. I admit, I strive to be different. I don’t wanna be just “the other blogger/the other girl”, and most importantly, I won’t change myself to be another person so to blend into this so called “industry” which is really saturated with a standardized ideal of pretty. 
In all honesty, sometimes I think “universal pretty” is so…boring. Sharp pointy nose, huge eyes, ridiculously big pupils, korean eyebags (i am nowhere near in understanding how is this attractive at all), super sharp chin that can poke people etc etc. Of course I agree that these are nice features, but I think when everyone tries to achieve this ideal perfection in ALL features, they all gradually start to look too alike that pretty is common leading to boring. What I’m driving is that, one person’s good looks should be defined and placed together by his or her own ideal and not a universal standard set by media. Like some girls have small eyes (eg. kate middleton has relatively small eyes for a caucasian but she looks super classy and gorgeous) but they look hot as hell, and that’s one feature they shouldn’t change. Or some girls look better with chubby cheeks cos it make them look healthier and younger. It shouldn’t always be small face, big eyes, sharp chin, high nose bridge. Think Rosie Huntington, she doesn’t exactly has the nicest features in fact she has masculine features but she still looks DAMN sexy and hot. Think Liuwen. Think Jennifer Lawrence.
Pretty/hot really just isn’t about the looks itself. It’s the aura, the attitude, the confidence, the charisma and a lot of other factors put together.

Still not convinced? Let’s reverse it. Chace Crawford is the universal PERFECT looking kinda guy but compared to guys like Tom Hiddleston, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Liam Hemsworth and Johnny Depp who aren’t the “universal handsome”, who’s more talked about and adored by girls? You see it now?

I am not one who is against any form of aesthetic enhancement, don’t get me wrong. In fact, if it gives one confidence and it’s not overdone, go ahead. I just think, we shouldn’t strive to be the “universal pretty” that’s all. Decide for yourself what kinda pretty you wanna be. Cos different is unique, and that’s pretty. Imperfection is a form of perfection too.
Don’t be influenced by what the majority/media say or think, stand for what you believe. Life is too short to be led by the nose, even subconsciously.
Ps. I know y’all are probably waiting for my HK post! Will put that up next (:

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