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December 17, 2013
Firstly, I wanna apologise for delaying the giveaway result for so long! It was meant to be announced 5 days ago but I’ve really been extremely busy with JUICESEA launch and backorder stuff. So really sorry for making y’all wait. Secondly, I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone reading my blog and most importantly those who wrote in to me. You girls have no idea how impactful your emails were and how happy they made me. Not just because it’s sweet and nice words about me but because I felt they are all very sincere, genuine and consistent.
One thing about being a blogger is that I have to be open to criticisms, to people having negative impressions of me because of the stereotypical conceptions about bloggers. I can be extremely real on my blog, but some people can think I’m fake. Basically, who I really am can never be fully and accurately conveyed through social media platforms. However, after reading all the emails from you girls…I’m reassured that generally most of you girls actually do know what kinda person I am, which is truly AWESOME. 
So, from the deepest of my heart, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Thank you for not just supporting my humble little space here, but thank you for believing in me, for caring about my well-being, for not judging me even when I fault, for being so understanding towards my busy schedule and lack of updates. Thank you for always coming back here even when I’m not the best or most perfect person ever. My efforts and strength in blogging and TJM are miniscule, but it’s your constant support, encouragement and faith in me that contribute largely that what I am and what I have today. 
I’ve also made the effort to reply every single giveaway email and that was the least I could do for the time and effort most of you girls took to write in such long and endearing messages. Before I announce the winners, can I just share some extremely sweet emails I received? (:
*Identity is concealed for the senders’ privacy purpose*
Hahah I like how honest she was with me about her first impression though it’s damn sian la hahah.
 HAHAHA my jaw dropped when I read that she cried!!! Super shocked! 
This was one of the sweetest emails I received cos never would I have thought that I could impact someone’s life in ways I never even thought I could. Especially someone whom I have never even met before. And I’m so thankful I could be the one (:
 Glad you guys are working things out now (:
Super sweet that she even left me an email on her birthday so special shoutout to Eugenia!
And the winners are…………
1. SET B : Verraine Chin
I picked her cos I thought that was beautifully written and it kinda swept me off my feet? I even showed it to Daniel and he was shocked. 
2. SET A : Toh Quan Mei
And because you girls are so awesome I’ve decided to throw in 3 more sets of giveaway which consist of Maybelline nail polish, eye crayon and Skin Inc serum for these three girls!
1. Jane (
2. Melissa (
3. Rachel Xu (
The 5 winners please email me your mailing address so I can send the items to you k!! 😀
Those who didn’t win anything, better luck next time k? I’ll try to do one more giveaway again soon!
And once again, thank you to those who wrote in <3



December 15, 2013
Before y’all go like “Wah sian, not another advertorial…”, the store I’m introducing today carries lots of GOOD QUALITY and pretty everyday pieces. And not to mention, both the apparels they sent me are super flattering and aligned to the festive season!
I’m sure most of you have heard of The Closet Lover since it’s one of the pioneers in the online store industry, and is one of the big names to say the least! Just a short little introduction of what I PERSONALLY(this post is not curated by them so it’s my honest review) think of The Closet Lover.
All the clothes+shoes+bags that I’ve received from them so far are of superior quality. There’s really nothing to fault from the zip to the fabric to the cutting. And almost every pieces come in sizes which is really awesome for skinny girls like me! Webstore is very easy to navigate, pictures are well taken, model is hot, they update super often and most importantly their designs are very wearable and chic!
1. Chloe Cold Shoulder top in black!
The material is super smooth and comfortable on the skin, extremely suitable for Singapore’s sunny weather! 
Perfect basic top which is still a bit fanciful. 
It’s also available in cream (which is now open for backorder) and magenta!
2. Premum TCL Festive Glamour Peplum top in gold
Matched it the casual way that day cos I was just heading out for lunch with Daniel nearby!
But look at how pretty the model look when it’s matched with a leather pants!
I’ve also joined backorder for one of their cute grey tweed skorts!
I don’t think I need to speak more about just how nice their clothes are already right?
Pictures speak for itself!
And lucky you, simply quote my name when ordering to enjoy $1.50 off per item in their latest launch. Valid till Tues 17/12!
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong


December 11, 2013
If you’ve been following me on instagram, you would have noticed this cute tiffany top which I posted last week. I’mma share with y’all where to get it in a bit, coupled with my brunch @ Arteastiq with Melody and gramp’s birthday dinner!
Some mandatory cab selfies first hehe
I know I’m really slow since it was my first time in Arteastiq after its establishment in Mandarin Gallery for years already? I gotta say I really love the interior design and furniture used. The whole place has an inviting ambience and looks extremely girly and dainty. 
Here’s what Melody and I ordered!
It was our first time meeting and we had a lot to talk about already! We knew each other through Instagram, and we exchanged text once in awhile so it didn’t feel awkward when we met for brunch. And this girl is super outgoing so it really brought out the more “talkative” side of me. 
That aside,
I was donned in this cute cut-out tiffany blue top kindly sponsored by . I’m usually a black/white person when it comes to clothes but the owner of ILOVECUPCAKES suggested that I give this color a shot, and I gotta say….I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT. #noregrets
Just look at the low and cut-out back! 
And the best part about this top is that I can still wear a normal strapless bra! No need for nu bra which I kinda hate wearing. 10 points for that!
What adds to the feminine and cute factor of this top is its peplum hem! Peplum tops/bottoms just instantly cute-tify an outfit (: and I really just can’t stop raving about the color! Thank you ILOVECUPCAKES!
Backorder for the top is now open so hurry get it now!
If you remember my Boracay photos, they also sponsored me an Aztec highwaist shorts which fits me like a glove!

Clearer picture of the shorts!
Other than fashionable and wearable apparels, ILOVECUPCAKES stock up on accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, snapbacks, and shoes!
I love the range of affordable yet intricate necklaces and here are some of my favorite picks!

Besides the wide variety of clothes and accessories, I gotta applaud ILOVECUPCAKES for their impeccable customer service. It’s my second time working with them and their service is nothing short of wonderful. They are extremely patient, understanding, and above all helpful. 
Do check out ILOVECUPCAKES. You might just like them as much as I do (:

Moving back to my brunch date with Melody!
Headed off for facial after that, which I will blog about in a future post!
Here’s just a teaser of an after-facial-bare-face-photo! 
And this is without foundation at all. Just undereye concealer, eyebrow and lipstick!
Ended the day at Peach Garden for my grandpa’s birthday! Only have pictures of food cos my camera died halfway! 
Wasabi mayo prawn! Yumzzz
My favorite dish!
Twas a pretty long day but it ended on a good note!
And a little good news for everyone,
JUICESEA 6 will be launched this Sunday at 7pm. Will blog about the BTS soon since it was rather fun and…fulfilling? Hahahah.
Have a great midweek girls <3
Instagram and Twitter : @sophiachong