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December 2013


Daniel’s belated birthday!

December 29, 2013
Daniel’s birthday was almost 2 months ago but we didn’t get to celebrate it on the day itself or any date near it cos he was in Taiwan that period of time for army. Though Boracay was a present for him but I feel like it’s very incomplete without a dinner so we finally made some time to have his birthday cum christmas dinner (:
Had some yummy truffle fries at Alley bar before dinner first!
I LOVE ANYTHING TRUFFLE!!! Truffle fries, truffle pasta…
B/W top coming up on TJM tonight! Watch my shopping haul vlog (one post down) if you wna know where the bag’s from (:
Coincidental matchy with Daniel hahaha
What a handsome boy :’)
We were around Emerald Hill estate so we decided to walk around and found some really cool heritage houses. Hopefully one of those will be our future house!
I wanted to bring Daniel to Tatsuya @ Goodwood Park Hotel for dinner but he kept insisting that I shouldn’t spend so much and can just settle for a cheaper restaurant. Took him awhile to persuade me and I decided on Shunjuu Izakaya since Hosan kept telling me it’s very good and affordable!
 My take? The food were generally tasty and unique. Will definitely return again to try the sets! The bill came up to be slightly below $150 so I guess that’s alright! Still wna bring Daniel to Tatsuya soon to try though heh. 
Shunjuu Izakaya is located at 30 Roberson Quay for those who are interested! 
Will blog about my new brows next, stay tuned (:

ps. shopping haul december vlog below!

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December 22, 2013
Christmas party with the TPI crew yesterday! Only half turned up but it was still fun nonetheless! 
Time for pictures!
Thank you Pazzo Pizza and Audrey for the crazy amount of pizza!
Before we set sail to Lazarus island! 

I really really love everything about being out in the sea. The sea breeze, the sea water, the open space, the sand, the sun (ironically). I guess it’s cos I’ve always been a lover of liberation and am open-minded towards life hence I love how the sea makes me feel completely like a free bird. Plus I’m an adrenaline junkie so I LOVE water sports or anything that makes me feel like my life is on the edge? I don’t know if I’m making sense to you guys even hahaha.

Min, my “fly fish” partner!
We played something similar to what I played in Boracay previously (flyfish). So basically, this time a float was attached to a jetski and we had to cling onto the float for our dear lives while the jetski sped off. 
Pretty pretty girls (:

And the woman behind everything, Sofie!!! Thanks for planning this x’mas party for TPI <3 

Felt a little under the weather and had damn little sleep before I went. In fact, I think I was OVERLY quiet and reserved on the yacht :/ Mood got a little better after playing the float-jetski thing! Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the company, the fun, the food and …. apple juice. Hahah everyone had booze but me cos I felt like having a clean Sunday!

X’mas in 2 days, I can’t wait!

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