4 years anniversary!

October 25, 2013
 Last week was my 4 years anniversary with Daniel. It was the day he confessed to me, not the day we got together but it’s still very significant to us nonetheless. Couldn’t do much cos I was busy preparing for exam so he brought me out for a picnic at a super serene and picturesque place!
See the little white “building” in the middle? We set up our picnic spot beneath the tree next to it. By the way, this was at lower pierce reservoir…i think.
Outfit by @thejuicemarket ! Will be launching it soon!
Gorgeous sandals sponsored by http://www.ninthstore.com/ !
The pair of pink sandals I wore in Boracay was also from them! Both pairs are of very decent quality, and also very very affordable. This pair of white flower sandals matches almost everything I wear, and it costs only $19.90!
Thank you for preparing everything and for buying all the food I like! It was a really nice day since we hardly have time to just chill around. Let’s do this again soon k!
Hehe and some camwhore pictures this morning before heading out to study.
Been SUPER busy studying for my exam! Can’t wait for it to end on 9th November!!! Please pardon me for the hiatus and promise I’ll be back with Boracay part 3 soon!
New collection this Sunday! Preview will be up on TJM facebook page on Sat (16/10)!

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