September 7, 2013
Selling my camera, Samsung EX1 in black!
Condition : 8.5/10
It has beauty mode(my favorite!!!), night mode, macro mode etc. Flip screen which is good for camwhoring.
I’ve been using it for I think 1.5 years already and it’s still working perfectly fine! Never dropped it before. View screen is mildly scratched.
Comes with a battery, lens cap, camera strap, camera pouch and charger. 
Bought it for $600 at IT fair.
Selling for $400 (slightly nego)
Email me at sophia.chong@hotmail.com if interested/have an questions!
Confirmed purchase preferred!
ps. i wanna change to a white/pink camera that’s why i wanna sell this. many of you also always ask for my camera model so here’s your chance to get it (:

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