September 25, 2013
Today I will be sharing with you this blogshop where I got this romper (the one i featured on my ig recently) from so keep reading if you’ve been looking for something like this (:

I LOVE CUPCAKES focuses on 3 looks :  Sweet, Street and Cute which I will be featuring an apparel under these looks (: 

1. SWEET : for a date

I’m sure I don’t pass off as sweet (in terms of dressing) to most of you cos I’m a little more of an edgy, sophisticated kind but having a mix of both would be a good change once in awhile! Still, I can’t steer myself towards an all floral, dainty sweet little girl so this watercolor romper I LOVE CUPCAKES  sent me is perfect! Just the right amount of sweetness and chic. I usually want to stay away from my usual shorts/pants for dates cos I wanna look more feminine so this romper really came in super timely for my date with Daniel. FYI, Daniel loves the romper too!
X-back details which is a plus point!
The blend of colors and black structured lines across just make this romper a very very pretty one! I can’t even begin to emphasize how much I just love the colors!
2. STREET : models off duty

Doesn’t street style remind you of model off duty or like “celebs-off-duty”? Snapbacks just add this extra oomph to your outfit whether you’re dressed up or down. It works whether you’re wearing a plain tee with shorts and sneakers, or when you’re wearing a jacket with top and leggings.
For a more boyish-girl (pun intended) street look!
And for something more feminine!
Besides selling caps, I LOVE CUPCAKES  does preorders for TOMS, Apparels and accessories. But since June 2013, it have started building it’s own apparel line by importing fashionable apparels from all over the world. Other than that, I LOVE CUPCAKES s is also selling accessories, shoes and bags and they have more than 500 products on their website! Some of the preorders are TOMS, KEDS (Taylor Swift’s Pick), Fitflop and Stylenanda Inspired shoes!
One of their items which I think can be adoringly street and cute at the same time!
3. CUTE : Lena Fujii!!!

She is the epitome of CUTE, sexy, and pretty to me! And you always see her in florals!
(Pardon the mess!!!)
Hence, here’s my take on a cutesy yet not childish look! Pairing I LOVE CUPCAKES  floral tee with TJM peplum pants! I feel this look is more of the not-trying-to-hard to act cute look! Subtly cute with the florals and peplum yet maintaining a woman’s poise (:
So doubt me not that I LOVE CUPCAKES  carries a variety of styles catered for each and every girl!
Besides the delectable range of apparels and accessories, I would like to commend on their customer service. I LOVE CUPCAKES , by far is one of the nicest, patient and most understanding blog shops I’ve ever worked with. They have really far exceeded my expectations (: 
For those girls who like to try their clothes before purchasing, fret not! Cos I LOVE CUPCAKES  also has its rack at MIYOC Orchard Central and Jcube to allow customers to try on the clothes before purchasing and parcel collection service is also available! It’s convenient for people who need the items urgently or afraid of lost mails. 
Special discount for my readers! 
Like their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/shopilove.cupcakes 
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