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August 2013


My weekend – Tapas buffet brunch!

August 18, 2013
 Had a tapas buffet brunch buffet with Daniel yesterday! Wanted him to try Spanish food and what other better Spanish restaurant could I bring him to?
Don Quijote @ Dempsey!!!
Both of us look so sleepy and chubby here hehe

My favorite – Fried garlic shrimps!
So basically, Don Quijote serves buffet brunch every weekend from 11.30am – 2.30pm. The brunch menu consists of a list of tapas, soups, pasta, desserts and beverages. A pity it doesn’t include my favorite paella from them 🙁 We went for the non-alcoholic buffet for $42/pax after tax.
The buffet wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. I probably won’t go back for the brunch buffet anymore, but I’ll definitely go back for dinner cos I wanna order food (MUST TRY THEIR SIGNATURE PAELLA , FRIED GARLIC SHRIMPS AND THE SCALLOP TAPAS) which are out of the buffet menu.  

Blk 7 Dempsey Road
#01-02 Singapore
Tel: +65 6476 2811
Bread and butter pudding!

Spent a lot this week cos I just booked my flight to a super beautiful place!!! I won’t reveal where I’m going till I’ve flown there on 2 Oct k. Flying Daniel there as 1st part of his birthday present. It’s been on my MUST-GO place ever since I set eyes on it so I’m really freaking excited. Probably gonna get my new phone next week too, so need to spend $$$ again!! :/
Hope you girls had a great weekend!
Be back soon (:


August 15, 2013
Hi, sorry for MIA-ing for awhile cos I was very busy with TJM! Phewwww finally can rest a bit and blog now! So many people have been asking me about eyelash extensions so I’ve decided to do a detailed blog post about it to answer all your questions!
Here’s my BEFORE picture : 
My lashes are pretty long for asians, I think? Just that it lacks volume and curl! Ever since I started doing eyelash extension a year ago at BKK (I do mine at Milly’s now), I haven’t stopped. It’s really a lifesaver!!!
Here are my AFTER pictures : 
My eyes still pop even without any eye make up thanks to eyelash extensions, I love you so much!!!!

1. What type of lashes do I normally do?
Single lash extension, mixture of size 10 and 12
2. How much is it?
The one I always do is $75. Cluster eyelash extensions are cheaper.
3. What’s the difference between cluster and single lashes?
BIG DIFFERENCE TO ME. Single lashes are a lot more comfortable and softer. I can’t even feel them on my eyelids at all! And my real lashes don’t drop together with the synthetic lashes if I do single lash!
4. How often do you have to re-do your lashes?
I do it every 2 weeks cos I don’t really take care of the extensions. I also apply mascara on it(which I’m not suppose to) to give it a fuller look. But if you take care of it, it should last you for about 3-4 weeks?
5. Where do I do my lashes?
Milly’s at Far East Plaza 
Tel : 67376723
6. Who’s the one doing my lashes?
Gina! She’s really good!
7. How to take care of eyelash extensions?
Don’t rub your eyes when you wash your face, don’t use oil make up remover, brush it regularly, avoid running water directly on lashes, don’t pull out your extensions as your real lashes might come out too, don’t use mechanical lash curler
8. Is it painful?
Not painful at all for me. It could be because I wear contact lens so the glue doesn’t get to my eye directly!
I hope I’ve answered most of your questions regarding eyelash extensions! Now, head on down to Milly’s to get your lashes done (:
Before I went to touch up my eyelash extensions ytd, I also went to Salon Vim for my fortnightly hair treatment which I am so ever thankful for!
Just look at the condition of my tress before treatment!
Just count me unlucky. Most girls’ hair get damaged after multiple times of bleaching but mine just took one session of bleaching back in March for my hair to be damaged :'( Thankfully, Gary (the boss of Salon Vim) allows me to go back every 2 weeks for treatment so I can get my softer hair back.
Fiona, my trusty stylist who always knows what’s best for my hair! (:
Trimmed my ends a little too.
Fresh out of salon : SMOOTH AND SOFT!
I used to doubt the effectiveness of salon hair treatments before I joined Salon Vim, and I’m sure many of you do too.
“Aiya my hair will be soft on the day of treatment then after I wash it will just go back to normal again”
That’s what most of you think right?
After doing multiple hair treatments (Redken cocktail treatment and Arimino Privy treatment) for the past 4-5 months, I have to say my hair texture is much better than before! Sure, you won’t see instant results just after 1 or 2 treatments. That’d just be magic. Hair treatment is something you have to be consistent about to see tremendous results. Honestly, without all the treatments I did at SV, my hair would be a broom now after bleaching!
I won’t say I have the smoothest hair, but it’s DEFINITELY much better than how it was after bleaching.
 So, if you want to have smoother and lustrous locks, you have to do hair treatments regularly then you will see the result over time!
I’m a strong believer of hair treatments now, and I’m looking forward to my next session already!
Don’t forget, all my readers get 10% off at Salon Vim when you quote my name!
Have a good week ahead <3


August 14, 2013
Selling a little something different this time, not clothes but….A HOUSE. Hahah yeah sort of la. Daniel’s parents want to sell their house so I’m just helping them to promote it a bit so if your parents are looking for a new house in Upp Thomson area, you can let them know (:
Here are some pics of his house.

First floor

Living room
A sunken lounge which I think is quite unique!

Dining hall
Outside : porch/garden/side and backyard
2nd floor
Consists of a family room and bedrooms!

Here are some info which might be useful : 

Springleaf Height 
2 Storey Semi Detached 
Land: 3552 sq ft 
Built-up: 3100 sq ft 
Tenure: Freehold
Price: $4.5 Mil
* Fully air-conditioned house including dry kitchen
* Covered Car Porch with Auto Gate
* Living area with sunken lounge
* Master Bedroom with attached toilet
* 2 Bedrooms with common toilet
* Study room with attached toilet
* Maids room with toilet
* Dry Kitchen with aircon
*Wet Kitchen 
Next to CTE/SLE Expressway 
Along Upp Thomson Road 
5 Mins Walk to eateries 
5 mins to upcoming Springleaf MRT 
12 mins drive to Yio Chu Kang MRT 
10 mins drive to St Nicholas Girls School 
15 mins drive to Ang Mo Kio Hub
Email if you (your parents) are interested or have any enquiries (: