Oreo’s birthday / Day out with cousins!

July 26, 2013
Last week was Oreo’s 3rd birthday (big 21 in human years). We didn’t really throw a big dog party for him as intended except my sister brought him out to a cafe with other dog friends. So anyhows, we decided to bring him out again one day after his birthday with my cousins!
My sweetheart. Never ever imagined a dog would have brought so much joy and comfort in my life. Indeed my best friend, and like a little brother to me. 
Coincidentally wore black flappy hats with Hillary haha
We went to a cafe that’s for humans and dogs so usually you’d see a lot of dogs there mingling and playing with each other! They serve dog’s food too!
Their food is pretty good and very affordable too. Only problem’s the location! :/ it’s located in Serangoon and it’s super far away from my place which is in the west. If it was nearer, I’d definitely bring Oreo there all the time to chill.
Sunray Cafe
79 Brighton Crescent
Tel : 62838700

This is Oreo on his actual birthday! So cuteeeeeee!

Happy birthday again Oreo! You will always be my little special one <3

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    Oh my! it's been a year I've been reading your blog!! I vividly recall reading your blog on what outfits you were going to take to Pa..or.iysur blog gets more enjoyable each day…

    • Reply Liz May 9, 2017 at 11:54 am

      Aww thank you (:

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