Birthday part I

July 13, 2013
Eve of my birthday was spent with my family!
Outfit coming up in TJM next weekend!

I really wanted to eat at the sushi bar cos I missed the aburi salmon roll and I wanted to try the soft shell crab roll. My sister and dad wanted to go somewhere more “atas” since it was my birthday dinner but I just wanted the sushi bar hahah.

Ordered a lot more but was too hungry to take more pics!
I still prefer their ebi fry roll to the soft shell crab roll.

Sis and I!

Sis’ boyfriend! He bought me sliced cakes for my birthday haha, I LOVE CAKES!!!
The next day which was my actual birthday, I spent the whole afternoon working on JUICESEA 5 prep work and my friends called to “scold” me for working on my birthday haha.
Met Daniel at night for my birthday dinner at One Rochester!

Both the foie gras and cheese souffle were pretty good!!!

My birthday gift from him, vera and alistair! I thought it was gonna be a present itself, like a perfume or watch or something BUT it was actually an IKEA bill inside and birthday cards from him, and from Vera & Alistair!
Can you just imagine how shocked I was when I saw the IKEA bill? At first I thought it was ikea vouchers and I was already damn happy cos I could buy the mirror and rug I wanted but he and vera already went to ikea in the afternoon while I was doing my work to go buy it!!! SO SWEET :’) And it even comes with delivery which came today!! They even threw in an additional strawbie plushie cos I love soft toys! AHHH I’M STILL SO HAPPY! I’ll post pictures of all the ikea stuff they got for me in the next post!

My stuffed chicken which was mediocre.

The man who made my birthday such a wholesome and heartwarming one. Thank you for everything Daniel :’)

Jumpsuit coming up in TJM collection next weekend too! I love it so much!!!
I really wanted to watch Despicable me 2 so we went to watch it before heading home! We also passed by a street basker in the tunnel at Buona Vista, and everytime I see elderly doing this kinda thing or selling tissue, my heart would cringe a little. And I try to buy from them or give them some money. So, when I saw the old man singing at the tunnel, Idk why but I felt an even stronger need to give him more than usual since it’s my birthday. It’s really damn important to care and give to the less fortunate, especially to the elderly who at this age should be enjoying retirement with their family at home and not “begging” so late at night. So anyways, Daniel and I stopped by and talked to the old man a bit and he told us his life stories. Like how he ended up having to “beg” cos he was sacked from his job when they made him choose between his mum and his job etc. It was really pretty sad but I’m glad I heard it on my birthday, to remind me how fortunate I am and not take everything for granted. 
The night was really simple but happy, just what I wanted. 

The next day, Daniel and I went to Hollandv cos he wanted to thread his brows and I wanted to buy him lunch to thank him for everything he did for my birthday! Bought my favorite PV cupcakes for Alist and Vera too!
1 for 1 lunch promotion at La Nonna!

That’s the end of my birthday part 1! Will continue with part 2 soon!
Just a picture of part 2 ; my audrey hepburn night (:

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