Saturday with 4 other bloggers! // MIYOC JUDGING EVENT!

June 16, 2013
There was a dress-up-your-mannequin competition going on at Miyoc Offline Edition event at Jcube and guess what did I go down as??
YES AS A JUDGE!!! Together with Tammy, DX, Melissa and Yina. Rachel couldn’t make it on Sat!
It was pretty fun seeing how different people put different outfits together for 4 different themes.

Our voting cards (:

So we came up with a surprise theme which was Avant Garde fashion and these were how the candidates dressed up their mannequins. The first one (on the far left) was super funny and out of point but A for effort! Hahah. They won the overall competition by the way cos their other themed outfits were really quite good, and they are two guys some more!

Went for KTV after that! (:
Busy week ahead! Skipped Avicii tonight to get some work done!

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