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June 22, 2013
Remember the last time I visited Tokyo Bust Express for treatments which target to fix these bust problems?
– The less endowed womenwho wants to enhance the size of their breasts
– Saggy breasts
-Women who lost a cupsize or two after a weight loss program
– Unbalanced bustposture
– Loss of breastfirmness and suppleness after childbirth
You can read about my previous session here, which also includes the ingredients used in their treatments and the structure of our breasts!
I was really looking forward to the next session because we all know natural ingredients and massages don’t work as instant as surgeries and fillers so follow-ups are necessary! I missed the great service there too. They gave me sunflower the previous time and roses and taiyaki this time hehehe. Early this week, I went back to Tokyo Bust Express at City Square Mall for my second session (:

Bumped into Mae mae!
Have y’all visited her shop Selcouth at Scape? (:
Our very helpful and friendly consultant ran us through the structure of a woman’s breasts, how their treatments can help to firm or enhance our bust through the use of machines, natural ingredients and massages, and also the problem of our breasts.
During the first session, the problems they fixed were low/droopy breasts and “scallops”.
This time, my scallop problem had improved so we focused on fixing low/droopy breasts and to enhance my boobs.
I had to be half-naked during the examination of my breasts but it wasn’t really awkward cos the staff kept talking to me to ensure I felt comfortable (: It’s really thoughtful of them cos I’d definitely feel damn awkward if we were both silent!
Tokyo Bust Express also held a prize presentation not long ago – Tokyo Bust Express Perfect Curves 2013 and the winner was Belinda Lee. I’m not surprised cos Belinda has super vivacious curves! 
Back to my treatment!
I was sent to my princessy therapy room for a 2 hour session!
The treatments I did this time include :
– Firming scrub
– TT Push up machine
– Collagen Essence
– Bust up therapy
– Bust suction therapy
– Enhance mask
Thank you Tokyo Bust Express! I saw instant results, especially on lifting up my droopy boobs! It’s been a joy working with you guys so far! My boobs are also slightly fuller than before which is the desired result of the treatments!
I also have to commend on their wonderful customer service. It’s always a joy to be greeted with flowers and food, and most importantly your effort to accede to my requests and questions!
They are running an exclusive promotion for June!
Leave your details here!
HOTLINE: 6262 6161

Terms and Conditions : 
– Female above 18 years old and above only
– Strictly by appointment only
– Promotion valid for 2 months
Location (Tokyo Bust Express) :
           City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 20853
Park Mall
9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459
    Nex Mall
              23 Serangoon Central, #03-32
             Novena Square 2
              10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506



June 20, 2013
 Being a frequent traveller to HK and having my ancestral roots (maternal grandma) from there, I didn’t want to miss out on HK multi-label store, I.T which houses brands like 5cm, Izzue and more.
The opening launch theme was fashionably edgy so I decided to curl my hair and braid it to one side. Tutorial on that, yes? ^^ I also decided to edgy-fy my look with my disco HW pants and a fur coat!

My date for the night (:

I look like a giant beside them 🙁 pains of being a taller girl.

There was braiding service at the party so I jumped at the chance to re-braid my hair hahah

Bumped into Trey there!
Thank you for accompanying me to the event though you were bored hehe.
I should do a vlog soon right? Haven’t done one for quite awhile already!!
Happening tomorrow!


Saturday with 4 other bloggers! // MIYOC JUDGING EVENT!

June 16, 2013
There was a dress-up-your-mannequin competition going on at Miyoc Offline Edition event at Jcube and guess what did I go down as??
YES AS A JUDGE!!! Together with Tammy, DX, Melissa and Yina. Rachel couldn’t make it on Sat!
It was pretty fun seeing how different people put different outfits together for 4 different themes.

Our voting cards (:

So we came up with a surprise theme which was Avant Garde fashion and these were how the candidates dressed up their mannequins. The first one (on the far left) was super funny and out of point but A for effort! Hahah. They won the overall competition by the way cos their other themed outfits were really quite good, and they are two guys some more!

Went for KTV after that! (:
Busy week ahead! Skipped Avicii tonight to get some work done!