Tim Ho Wan!

May 17, 2013
Headed to Tim Ho Wan for lunch with my favorite people! 
For those of you who don’t know, Tim Ho Wan is Hong Kong’s famous michelin star restaurant which serves great yet affordable dim sum. They recently opened one in Singapore and the queue is crazy long everyday! Be prepared to queue approx half an hour or more!
I tried Tim Ho Wan in HK two years ago and I loved it so I know I gotta try to new one in Singapore!

My best friends <3
Ange and Alistair please come home soon, then we’ll be complete again.
They haven’t been appearing on my blog/twitter cos they are either busy with work or overseas so it’s really hard for all of us to meet but they are definitely not forgotten nor replaceable! We still talk a lot on whatsapp (: Love these people with my life.

These are what we ordered! My favorite is the char siew bun(on the left) and the spinach w garlic dumpling! 
Bill came up to $55 which was really reasonable for the amount we ordered! Only $18/pax.
Spent the rest of the day shopping and HTHT-ing at Gustimo! 
Collected the yellow bracelet I reserved at Bimba & Lola today! Can’t wait to wear it! I like the starfish one too but didn’t get it 🙁
Going out in a bit! Have a great weekend babies!

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