May 24, 2013
So last Sunday, my friend invited me and a couple of our other friends to go boating on his boat.
Finally got a chance to soak up the sun with my chirpy Natty!
I haven’t had a beach holiday in ages (last was with the bloggers at Bali in Aug ’12) and I miss being in the choppy sea and crusty sands so this one day boating trip out to Lazarus Island was a much needed one. 
Lazarus Island is an island at Southern Singapore!
This is Lazarus Island for you, took the picture off Flickr!
Well it’s something like Sentosa beach for you just that it’s way more peaceful. 
Our boat ride took less than half an hour I think?
Before jumping into the not so deep blue sea, but still good enough (:
So as you can see, we anchored not far from the shore and all of us just plunged into the sea and swam for a bit. 
My friend’s super adorable labrador which loves the sea too! He kept jumping into the sea to swim, so cute *-*
Happy feet (:
Ready to plunge into the sea from the boat’s roof!
Love you sushi :*
Flying off to BKK tomorrow! 
Will try to update my blog from there, if not you can follow me at @sophiaxchongtravels on instagram!
You can also search #sophiatravels on instagram. Gonna start a new hashtag to encapsulate all my travel experiences from now on (:

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