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March 2013


Sorry I haven’t been updating :'(

March 16, 2013
Those of you who follow me on twitter would know that I got my first pair of…CHUCK TAYLOR!
I love how it can go well with so many of my outfits
Mine’s in grey, and I’m planning to get a few more.

I don’t see this in Singapore though :/ anyone know where to get it?

So anyways, that was my OOTD for brunch with IZ!

Food for thought!

Brunch was a lie, we had work to do :'(
Wore TJM’s tweed dress out for my spa appointment! Super love the cut and how feminine the dress is <3 
You can get it here!
Last picture of my dark hair 🙁
So I went to Spa Esprit for Back to balance massage!
Back to balance massage targets working or stressful people who hardly have any rest time. YES ME *raises hand!
Because of TJM and school, my sleeping hours are super irregular. Lately I’ve been getting only 5 hours of sleep a day. And also, I have to use my laptop a lot and pack parcels which strain my back and shoulders. Hence, back to balance massage is perfect for me!

Went to the Paragon outlet!

Private massage room with bath (:
So they used 8 essential oil on me and massaged me with AromaTouch technique! I really really enjoyed the 90 minutes of massage, and I felt so energized just after one session. I’d encourage tired people to give it a try (:
This is not a paid advertorial so I’m not obliged to say anything good, but I really did like my treatment!
I’ve asked them for discounts for my readers so go claim the love now!
Quote “SOPHIA CHONG” to enjoy 50% off any treatment for the first time!
Valid from 18 March – 18 April!
They have facial treatments also (:
Spa Esprit is located at Dempsey and Paragon!
TGIW with the usuals!
Say hello to my new hair! Will blog about it soon (:

Sof’s brother!

Reached my high hahah

Jacky, who was so kind to give me a Lafayette cap which I wanted!! (: Will take picture soon and instagram it, but if y’all can’t wait then you can get it from Sup Clothing at 34 Haji Lane!
Left halfway for supper cos I was super hungry.
2 bowls of rice, 3 bowls of bkt soup, 1 bowl of braised peanut. ALL FOR MYSELF AT YAHUA BKT!
No wonder my friends are telling me I look fatter (Y)
After all the rave about Mookata, I finally got to try it 2 days ago! Went all the way to Katong to try the famous Mookata thai grill + steamboat!
YUMMY???? YES FOR SURE! I love how the meat were marinated and the soup broth was good! Super tasty! $99 for 3 people for a filling yummy meal, worth it!
Isaac and Mich! I look too piggish here, have to censor hehe.

103 East Coast Road

I know they have other outlets, google it (:

Last but not least, JUICE 84 coming your way on Sunday night!
Click here to view full preview (:



March 15, 2013
So many of you love to ask me on my fs how I always find cheap air tickets and decide which hotel to stay in whenever I travel, so I’ve decided to do a blog post to answer all your queries (: Hope I didn’t leave anything out!


Here are the ones that I’ve subscribed to. Budget airlines for short haul flights, and better ones for longer flights ( > 4 hours)
Jetstar Asia (has promotion every Friday)
Airasia (doesn’t fly to BKK international airport Suvarnabhumi)
My favorite budget airline…
It’s comfortable, spacious and affordable! I always try to fly back via Scoot whenever I go BKK!
These airlines tend to run promotions from time to time, especially budget airlines so you gotta keep checking! Also I heard that Jetstar has the biggest sale every last Friday of the month. 
Tips : 
– Pay at Sam machine if there are various payment options. You get to save on the credit card misc charge
– Check your two way flights on separate airlines. It’s not necessarily cheaper to book two way under same airline
– Manually choose your luggage limit and just pick hand carry baggage if you’re going on a short trip
– Don’t choose seat beforehand to save a few $$
– Don’t take insurance if you dare to risk it
– Get a travel neck pillow, especially for long haul flight!
– Print out your flight itinerary and keep it with your passport
If you’re anal about your hotel like me, then you need to do RESEARCH RESEACH RESEARCH!!
As I grow older, I’m more particular about my hotel cos it’s gonna be “home” for me when I’m overseas. Sometimes even when I travel alone, I’ll still get a suite for myself hehe.

Usually, I’ll look through hotels via these two websites cos it’s user-friendly and provide good information :


After I’ve shortlisted a few hotels, I’d search them on for real pictures taken by travellers. You know how some hotels put up deceiving pictures of the rooms, so by going through tripadvisor you get a better idea of the rooms (: 
So this is the hotel I’m staying in next week!
Make sure you get hotels that are near MRT station or in central so it’s easier to travel.


– Make sure you have your hotel address in the local language so you can show the cabbie in case y’all can’t communicate
– Get a 3G sim card from the airport. DON’T USE YOUR PHONE DATA COS IT’S SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE!!
– Keep your money separately, in your wallet, vanity pouch, camera pouch so you won’t lose all your money  if anything happens.

I always use tripadvisor to search for nice food and interesting places to go in a country also. Favorite travel online guide!

I can’t really think of anything else, hope this guide helps you wanderlust girls out there (:
 Have a happy weekend ♡