March 2, 2013
Ps. Actually there’s nothing to be cautious about cos we bloggers all know that most girls like picture heavy post. Writing “Caution : Image Heavy” is just to lure you in more hahahaha.
So anyways, I haven’t had much time or haven’t been doing anything interesting lately to blog about so I’ve been diligently snapping pictures so I can blog a “my week” post (:
Attended Jiemin’s 21st last Saturday at SICC!
#MUOTD – Make up of the day!
Romper will be coming in TJM this Sunday!
So stupid me didn’t read the invite properly and I didn’t know it was a ballroom event which explains why I was so underdressed! I didn’t even do my make up properly ok. No eyeliner, no falsies all!! So I got a shock when I stepped in and so many girls were in gowns….

My seat with my name card! There’s a short sweet note behind it. Thought it was really nice of her to write to everyone, so sincere :’)


Some of my poly friends!! Miss them and was so happy to see them that night (:

Love how everyone behind us don’t seem to give a single f* at all hahah.

Su fern!


Kisses for the birthday girl!
#OOTD for church the next day!
Top also coming in TJM this Sunday (:
Went home to rest and change into something else then went to meet Vera in town for high-tea!


My pretty baby <3

Eyeliner-less again! I have been going out without eyeliner(except for shoots and to club) and I kinda prefer the look more? What do you think?
Shopping with beebs for awhile then she had to leave to meet CK. So I continued shopping a bit alone before meeting Mich and Denise!
Only managed to buy 3 things but good enough for half an hour i guess hehehe. 
Another studying day! Zzzz my life really revolves around school, essays and TJM now I can’t even find a reason to take nice pictures except for narcissistic ones!
L’etoile coffee! Wa liewzzzzzz l’etoile is so far away from my house!
Another day before heading out to Bishan to touch up on my brows!
This is how my brows look like after touching up! Completely no brow make up here.
Tons of you asked me where I did my brows. 
#1 Salon
Blk 513, #02-518, Bishan Street 13 

Tel: 6258 3822 

 Don’t say I never share k! Amy is the one who did mine.
And just some goodness from my sponsors (: still got more on the way! 

And this was on Thursday before heading out to study. No brow make up and no eyeliner again!!! 
I swear eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions are my best friends! Wake up pretty, and lesser effort needed to doll up. Unfortunately, my favorite eyelash place is in Bangkok! Anyone got any recommendation in Singapore?
So it was ACS founder’s day yesterday, and my FB and twitter were flooded by my friends with it so I decided to “extra” a bit and tweet something. It was meant to be funny, and boom, it had a lot of retweets within an hour! Even big accounts like @fakemoe retweeted it hahaha. 
I have a good feeling about this weekend, please keep it magical.
Take care little ones <3

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