January 22, 2013
Hello, I’m pretty swamped with TJM and school nowadays so the things I can blog about are pretty limited :/
Anyhoos, Daniel and I spent Sunday afternoon shooting JUICE 81 lookbook at an old grungy carpark near my house!
First outfit!
Can you guess where I live now? ^^
Changing into my second outfit. I think the color of the coat is just CRAZY gorgeous!! And I’m not giving up my high boots even in Singapore hahaha

The weather wasn’t exactly in our favor so I had to adjust the brightness quite a lot.

#FAIL Jumping shot, which I gave up eventually!
Never a fan of outdoor shoot but I’m gonna do more from now on so it looks more interesting, right?


You will see the final pictures on TJM tomorrow after I’ve launched (:
That being said, JUICE 81 preview is up on Facebook here !
Hope you get a little sneak peek into my TJM life. MANY people think that owning an online store is easy. Of course owning one is, but managing one isn’t. It takes a lot of time (REALLY A LOT!), effort, commitment and sacrifices to run it well. You got to commit around 4-6 hours per weekday to reply mails/pack parcels, then burn easily another 10 hours to prepare for launch, then spend another good amount of time after launch to reply the fast incoming orders right after launch. Sometimes I don’t even have time or forget to eat dinner, or like pack parcels until my back aches ( which is damn frequent, but thank God I’m going for a massage soon 😀 ). Hahah got so many things luh, and I’ll never finish typing if I really wanna elaborate on it. BUT, I’m very very satisfied after every collection especially when my effort pays off and I can type “SOLD OUT” at every design status. It’s tiring, but TJM is my baby so I love my job and it gives me an inexplicable joy and sense of accomplishment (: And it’s only possible because of all your support and encouragement, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH REALLY <3
You have no idea how happy I am when customers tell me how much they love shopping at TJM, sending me emails of encouragement, seeing TJM items on instagram accounts I don’t know (cos of #thejuicemarket) and especially when I see JUICESEA strut down different walks of life such as pageants and getting mentioned by YOU customers/readers that sometimes would eventually reach my ears through the word of mouth. I’m extremely thankful, and guess what…. I’m working on JUICESEA5 already. Targeted to be out by April? ^^
The last and one of the most important person I want to thank is my boyfriend, Daniel. Thank you for being so damn supportive over the past 3 years. Thank you for being my pillar of strength when I’m breaking down. Those stressful days when I broke out into tears out of nowhere, helpless and clueless as to what to do…you were ALWAYS there. There were times I would be so busy with TJM I compromise on the time we meet or talk, but you always understood. At most you just threw a little tantrum and that’s all. And thank you for letting me go overseas alone to work though you were very reluctant to cos of my safety. Thank you for always helping me whenever you can. I love you and thank you for being part of #teamtjm <3 
(I don’t know how this post got so emotional, suppose to be just a pure BTS post hahahah)
It’s 2:27am now and I just got to add this part in cos I love today! Met Daniel after school and brought him to Saveur for dindin and he loved it (super happy when people like my recommendation hahaha), then he brought me to Funan IT mall to get me my SUPER belated x’mas present. I didn’t know what was it so I kept guessing…earphones, laptop case, external phone charger -.- AND TADAH IT’S SPEAKERS FOR MY ROOM THAT I’VE BEEN WANTING BUT NEVER GOT DOWN TO BUY <3 Very very happy!!! Xie xie ni xiao lan. Then we caught Les Miserables which was good, and now he’s crashing over at my place. Can sleep a happy girl tonight, goodnight!!

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