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January 2013


The WonderBelle

January 18, 2013

Saw this on my Instagram and like my pants? Read on to find out where you can get it!

TWB is a newly
opened online store in SG run by a team of dedicated people we like to call
“The Wonder Team”. We mail out parcels everyday (THAT’S VERY HARDWORKING, I CAN RELATE TO THAT!!). TWB doesn’t have a
specific genre of style; we like edgy, we love chic, we do girly, we sometimes
want vintage…. Basically, we bring in products that we love and would wear
and each collection is different every time! 
We sell what we
love and we love what we do! 

Thank you for the lovely pants with intricate lace details! Gonna be wearing them a lot from now (:

And the suede heels I’ve been wanting to get! Thanks for being my Santa Claus, you’re never too late ^^
Professionally done up website!
Here are TWB favorite and hottest items now. You need to get your hands on them!!!
As easy as ABC to get discounts!
Don’t forget to join their mailing list to be notified of latest updates and promotions!
Just some BTS pictures of Oreo disturbing me when I’m taking pictures for the advert ^^
Spot a new friend!

Pardon the super messy hair heheh


Kirk’s 22nd / People I love most.

January 14, 2013
Did a shoot on Sunday evening before heading down to meet the most important people in my life!
Been ages since I did elaborate make up, and I kinda miss it! Some more now I have no eyelash extension, I should really put in more effort in my make up (:
Was really excited to meet my babies for Kirk’s 22nd birthday dinner. I have the bestest bestfriend who came to pick me up from shoot. Thank you Alist (my friend since primary 2) ♡♡♡

Had Japanese buffet dinner at Irodori Restaurant (located at Riverview hotel) and it was not bad, but still prefer Shinyuu!

You truly deserve all the love from all of us cos you never fail to make us laugh and smile just being the way you are. Really thankful to have such an optimistic, jovial and genuine friend like you, and you know I always have your back.
We all love you heaps!

Mad love my babygirls!
They are, without a doubt, the most important girls in my life and I love them to death. Nothing’s gonna tear us apart and I’ll do anything for you girls. Gonna mizz this trio combo when Ange’s off to Sweden for 6 months :'( I think I might cry when I see her off this Friday.
Impromptu stayover at Ange’s!
Our x’mas present from Vera (: Mad comfortable and cute!!! Can you see the ears?!!
And then we had our moments….

We also had a makeshift karaoke session with youtube until 6am!
Y’all (including Kirk and Alistair) mean the world to me and I won’t risk losing any of you. I think I’m in a relationship with you guys as a whole cos I really love y’all a lot. Besides my family and Daniel, you guys are the people I love most. Please know that you guys are irreplaceable . Till death do us part? ^^

Launched JUICE 80 (:
CNY coming, come get your clothes!!


First work trip of 2013!

January 12, 2013

Went for another impromptu work trip just 2 days before school started. Workaholic much~
My plane look :
– draw brows
– conceal
– blusher
– lipbalm
Yeah I’m damn vain luh, take plane also must put a bit of make up. What if Leehom took the same plane as me and sat next to me right? Must be photo-ready lol
Checked into First House hotel. Room is alright but SERVICE SUCKS TO THE MAX!!! First house hotel you better step up on your customer service I tell you. I’ve never gotten more rude treatment from ANY hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It’s my second time staying, and both stays were unpleasant (first one was cos room was damn gross and old but now they renovated, but the service got so much worse)
For the disgusting service I got, I’m not gonna promote the hotel!!! That’s for turning me down when I needed help. 
1. My phone charger was spoilt and my phone was dying. I asked them to send an iphone charger to my room, they say cannot. I went to lobby and asked if I could leave my phone there to charge, they say whole hotel no one uses iphone so no charger -.- fine, i give you benefit of the doubt.
2. Because my phone was dying, I asked them to help me make a phone call to my eyelash parlor to help me book appointment. Also because of language barrier, I asked for their help to call. THEY SAID “NO, CALL YOURSELF. WE CAN’T HELP YOU” Ermmmmmmm?!!!! Wtf, my previous hotels (centrepoint and glow) helped me make countless phonecalls lor bitch
3. Called reception to ask for extra pillow they said “CANNOT, ONE EXTRA PER ROOM (donna got the extra one, I wanted another one for myself)” and then hung up on me. 
4. Donna left her iphone charger in my room after checkout so we asked the lobby staff if they could help us bring it down. Her reply “You go up take yourself!”
It’s not all the “do-yourself” attitude I really hate but rather the tone? Doesn’t even bother to say like “Sorry Miss, we are busy so do you mind helping yourself”???!!!! Pissed offffff!!!!
Okay enough ranting!
Donna reached BKK at night so after I was done sourcing, I went back to my hotel to shower then cabbed to her hotel to meet her.
Love the basic white racer cut top which will be up in TJM soon with the necklace (:
Took a cab and………. 
I thought her hotel was damn far away from mine and I was cabbing alone! Super scared I’d get kidnapped or what so I texted her my cab driver license no and car plate number to call the cops if I don’t reach within an hour. HAHAH really scared ok!!
Dinner at Huaykwang Terrace!
Food was so so! Still prefer Noi Seafood, also at Huay Kwang area! 
Ysl lippy I bought from the airport! The pink is damn gorgeous!!! 😀
Donna stayed over at my hotel at night (: xie xie ni, I was really damn scared to cab back alone!
Then the next day, we went for breakfast at Mr Jones Orphanage!
Romper will be up in TJM soon too (:
I fell in  with this cafe almost immediately after I stepped in! 
My cake paradise!!!! *.*
This place somehow brings back the likes of first love and everything euphoric. Life feels so much happier and slower in the cafe. Definitely going back again!
It’s located at Seenspace, Thonglor Soi 13 Bangkok (:
I feel so happy just sharing this cute cafe with y’all!!!
Looked horrible that morning, and I had a bad hair day 🙁
But still must express my happiness by capturing a “full of bliss” face with asian twist hahah.
I’ll be launching JUICE 80 this coming Monday at 8pm. Come get your CNY clothes now (:
Before I go, here’s just something I wanna share with you girls!
“We don’t find happiness or chase it.  We don’t follow it and we certainly shouldn’t wait on it.  Happiness is something that we create – all on our own from within us”