January 25, 2013
This post might interest those of you schooling in poly/uni now so read on x (:
So I bet I’ve mentioned it a thousand times on my twitter and blog that I’ve started school about 2 weeks ago. Y’all may think that outfits for school are the easiest to put together but choosing outfits and makeup for school can get quite challenging. You don’t want to look too over the top, neither do you want to look like you just crawled out of bed. So I’ve put together some  items (mostly bags) that are good for school and a school make up tutorial!

ps. they are mostly branded cos I used polyvore to select, but of course any bag similar to these would be good too!!Think big totes, satchels and bagpacks!

BACK TO SCHOOL {MAKEUP TUTORIAL} from sophia chong on Vimeo.

Pardon my tired looking face before makeup :/

So I have a short list of to-buy stuff for school.

01 / Water tumbler
02 / Converse shoes
03 / Big black tote
04 /  More basic tees

Hope you enjoyed this little geeky post. Have a great weekend babies xx


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