Maybelline flea X Fashion show

December 21, 2012
Maybelline invited TJM to be part of their new eye shadow 24hr color tattoo preview launch so we held a flea together with 7 other online stores at Scape!
Before I start on the post, I just want to thank Daniel who helped me the entire day. Thank you for using half your bookout time just to help me. I really appreciate it, love you 

And not forgetting both my gorgeous models Eunice and Francesca 
(Both outfits excluding floral inner wear on Eunice would be launched this Sunday)
You girls look great all the time and are super easy to work with. Thank you for agreeing to model for TJM (: 
This is actually Eunice’s second time modeling for TJM fashion show. She opened my first fashion show in Zouk in 2011 and that was actually how I knew her. I’ve always liked her a lot since then. And right after this Maybelline flea, I just kept telling Daniel “I really like Eunice and Francesca!! They are sooooo nice, so easy to work with and are not even arrogant though they are like the more famous online models!!”

Can’t wait to meet them next week for dinner (:

So………let’s move on to the backstage pictures!

New arrivals for the flea which would be launched this weekend (:

Franny (her backstage name lol) doing her make up! 

Joyce’s to die for hair!

Some of the models before hitting the mini runway!

Did a vlog there also, ENJOY!!

This wasn’t the intended outfit actually. Had already planned a better outfit but Maybelline wanted it to be more girly and happy…which is not really TJM style :/ but glad Eunice still pulled it off well!

Tricia was also there for VGY! 

Took quite a lot of pictures with my customers/readers but all on their phones, so this is the only one I have on my camera!


Was quite busy running around checking the models were fine, the outfits and make up were correct, and back to the flea space to help Daniel. Finally got some time to rest!


My dress and cardi will also be up this Sunday!


With all the owners and models!

Last photo with Fran and Jaclyn from Shopskinned (:
Cabbed home to put down my stuff then rushed to Tampines for Daniel’s friend’s birthday! Super long and tiring day but phew, it was worth it!
Stay tuned for this week’s launch if you like what you see! Gonna meet Daniel now, will blog about HK next! (:

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