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December 30, 2012
I’m back with a quick short post just to say Thank you to everyone who reads this space.
I’ve received a lot of emails/comments regarding the giveaway and I’m so so so so so touched x infinity by all your emails. I really didn’t expect much of a response, not to mention super touching and encouraging words from so many of you girls.

I’ve read through every single email throughout the weekend and I wish I could give away something to all you girls but obviously that’s impossible, so I’m gonna take some time tmr to reply every single email. Not the typical short liner “thank you and have a great day” reply but a reply in response to your email. Don’t care if I’m gonna spend hours replying cos y’all deserve nothing less for writing so much to me!!! Every email is like an essay I swear! It’s super duper hard to pick the winners so don’t blame me if you’re not chosen tmr k :/
Thank you for liking this blog and some of you for even “loving” me even though we have never met before. I’ve never thought of myself as a blogger that people or readers would really love cos honestly, I’m not some super pretty or interesting figure like so many other bloggers are. So thank you for embracing the littlest part of me and accepting me the way I am (of course i’ll still try my best to make this blog more interesting for y’all). Many of you said that y’all like me/my blog mostly cos I’m real and down to earth…….. which really in another word is honestly boring hahahah. So thank you for being so optimistic in your perception (: 

Thank you to those who are so supportive of Daniel and I. And thank you to those whom I’ve inspired in some way or another. It’s a great feeling to know that I can impact in my small little way, so thank you very much. 
Genuinely want to thank all of you who has been supporting me all this while, and also those who take the time and effort to send in the emails. I love you readers and this is one of the best way EVER to end my year.
Have a fabulous Sunday, I’ll be back soon (:

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