December 1, 2012
Haiiiiiiiiii girls~~
Who’s in need of unique accessories but can’t find them at reasonable price? 
If you don’t already know, I’m a very accessories kinda girl. Okay fine, bag and shoes too… SO I was thrilled when the owner of Burglary approached me for an advertorial. I don’t think you would want to miss this advertorial so don’t leave my blog yet!
BURGLARY is born out of wedlock by Astrid and her love for cult jewelry. Designer by day and jewelry aficionado by night, Astrid believes that accessories maketh the outfit thus founding this online boutique. At BURGLARY, they curate statement pieces with a dash of quirkiness. Every single piece of jewelry is handpicked for its unique detailing and eclectic style.
These are the gorgeous accessories they sent me and I’m wearing them to death, especially the skull bracelets. If you could sniff some difference in this advertorial, I’m feeling a 40s glam rock for Burglary!
I even tonged my fringe and put a different kinda make up for this advert(no eyeliner and strong lips)

This spike hair tie adds a tinge of character to the look!

Gold-plated finish and bullet clutch fastening! It’s so different from my usual pearl ear studs. I’m definitely wearing these unicorns out more often (:

And my super worn to death claw ring!!! I have way too many loud rings so this is a perfect one to tone my finger swag down a little. Not forgetting “We are golden” necklace which goes extremely well with my white shirt. 
These skull bangles are by far THE BEST bangles to match with my chunky wrist accessories. 
The craziest mind-blasting thing is that…ALL THE ACCESSORIES I FEATURED HERE IS LESS THAN $10 EACH!
How is that even possible that it’s so nice, decent quality, and so cheap?!
You are missing out if you don’t visit their web store now so click on this now.

Also, don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for a special giveaway and join their mailing list here!

Heh how can I not camwhore a bit with such nice *ahem self proclaimed* nice hair!
If you’re already following me on instagram/twitter, you would know that I am giving my room a new look.
Revamp is probably an overstatement since I’m just making minor changes, but I got to say I’m in love with my room now!
I’ll be doing a room tour post VERY soon so you gotta stay tune to this space! Promise you it’s gonna be saucy! 😀 
Hint : the advert photos are taken in my room!
Lastly, here some some #TGIW visuals.

Koped this from Kalyn’s ig!
And this was on Friday.

Wahah check out my nails.

That’s all I have today (:
Will update again soon♡

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