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December 2012



December 31, 2012
You must be wondering “you crazy uh, TGIF on a Monday!!!”
I know it’s a Monday, but I just want to introduce you to this online store called TGIF!
It simply stands for….
The Girls In Fashion, also known as TGIF, aims to be your fashion assassin, offers a wide selection of the most desirable clothing and accessories, from basic apparels, feminine wear to chic rock, trendy and quirky styles.
Be sure to catch the latest styles and stay ahead in the fashion game with TGIF

Here’s me in their striped romper which can be found here.
Leather jacket from weluvmeow!
Heart-shaped cut out back!
This is a good change to my wardrobe cos I hardly own anything so colorful and playful (: Got quite a lot of compliments on the romper when I wore it out.
Suede studded green shorts from them also!
Super love how casual the shorts is without looking sloppy <3
They are currently giving away a pair of ear studs for every purchase, how sweet a gesture during this festive season (:
And I got the cross one!!!!
Thank you for the ear studes (:
I think the moustache one is damn cute too (:
Now you know where to get your cny clothes and also clothes for those going back to school soon (like me!!). The love doesn’t end here cos…
Do join their mailing list here to be the first to know of updates and promos!

Shop Now!

Gonna pick the winners for the giveaway and reply all emails now so keep a look out!!! Also, gonna blog about my travelogue in 2012 damn soon!!

Thankful ♡

December 30, 2012
I’m back with a quick short post just to say Thank you to everyone who reads this space.
I’ve received a lot of emails/comments regarding the giveaway and I’m so so so so so touched x infinity by all your emails. I really didn’t expect much of a response, not to mention super touching and encouraging words from so many of you girls.

I’ve read through every single email throughout the weekend and I wish I could give away something to all you girls but obviously that’s impossible, so I’m gonna take some time tmr to reply every single email. Not the typical short liner “thank you and have a great day” reply but a reply in response to your email. Don’t care if I’m gonna spend hours replying cos y’all deserve nothing less for writing so much to me!!! Every email is like an essay I swear! It’s super duper hard to pick the winners so don’t blame me if you’re not chosen tmr k :/
Thank you for liking this blog and some of you for even “loving” me even though we have never met before. I’ve never thought of myself as a blogger that people or readers would really love cos honestly, I’m not some super pretty or interesting figure like so many other bloggers are. So thank you for embracing the littlest part of me and accepting me the way I am (of course i’ll still try my best to make this blog more interesting for y’all). Many of you said that y’all like me/my blog mostly cos I’m real and down to earth…….. which really in another word is honestly boring hahahah. So thank you for being so optimistic in your perception (: 

Thank you to those who are so supportive of Daniel and I. And thank you to those whom I’ve inspired in some way or another. It’s a great feeling to know that I can impact in my small little way, so thank you very much. 
Genuinely want to thank all of you who has been supporting me all this while, and also those who take the time and effort to send in the emails. I love you readers and this is one of the best way EVER to end my year.
Have a fabulous Sunday, I’ll be back soon (:


December 27, 2012
Yup Christmas lasts for 12 days so I can say it until….6 JAN!!!!
Here’s my susulan wishing all of you a joyous season with his pocket balloon that’s hanging around on his ceiling. HAHAH SORRY SOFIE I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF BUT TO KOPE IT HOME FROM VELVET!!!

Happy vicks is happy.

My x’mas babies <3 Can’t wait for our gift exchange at Sofie’s this Sunday!!!!

Hot mama Mich <3 she looks like a milf here heh!

Oh, and of course my handsome boyfriend….mmm.
Donna said he’s damn “feeling” lol

Oh why so happy Daniel???

Super gorgeous Mag!!
Damn random but I’m super loving my velvet felt romper from HK! $20 ONLY 😀

Hahaha this Karei was like having her own winter season. Crazy girl wear this in Velv!
My Christmas included dinner with my relatives and lunch with Daniel’s family but unfortunately I have no pictures cos the food was too tempting for me to even whip out my camera 🙁
Really hope y’all had an amazing Christmas!
I have yet to buy Daniel’s present…and it’s like 28th already!!!!
Because it’s Christmas, I’d like to do a small giveaway to two girls.
Hint : Maybelline cosmetic set! (I mix 4 things together in a set)
You can drop a comment at my blog comment box or email me at
Tell me why you like reading my blog, your name and include your mailing address!!!
I’ll pick the winners by next Monday so comment before that! <3
Looking forward to all your comments!!!