November 25, 2012
Every morning a girl starts her battle by dressing up in her
battle gear. There is a WAR within every wardrobe.
Let your battle gear start with……..

“I believe every girl should dress like she’s going to meet her worst enemy everyday. If you have to fight today, thrash it in style. After all, who are we without the outer skin we wear? “
We are rubbish is everything I like. It sets itself apart from other blog shops, in tune with the latest trends, has gorgeous models, and takes really nice photos. Most importantly, it caters to all sorts of different style.

If you don’t already know,
WE ARE RUBBISH is a Singapore based online
destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking barbies. Founded in 2010, WE ARE RUBBISH started a Livejournal E-store selling
highly curated selection of vintage pieces. Now, W.A.R offers a wide selection
of the most desirable trendy pieces and occasional coveted vintage clothing and
accessories available online, as well as unique new designer inspired pieces.
See the latex pants that Eunice (the model) is wearing! Jordus, the owner of W.A.R sent me one too (: Really love it, super my style!!
Glossy, perfect fit, highwaisted and LOUD!!!! <3
If you’re like me and love matching with basics, then W.A.R is really the place to shop at!!! 
Cheap and nice (: and of course we should never neglect the style factor in dressing up.
Besides the boyfriend blazer, party dresses or basics for matching, they have PERFECT outfits for school that would capture the right amount of attention. Here’s another butterfly sleeve top they sent me and I love it.
So girly yet chic!
They have also launched a new collection so don’t hesitate now.
Be there or be square!
Of course, all my readers get a little more love (:
And thank you Jordy for sending me those items, especially the flawless disco latex pants!
And as my blog title “Roasting with WeAreRubbish” suggests, I wore my latex pants out to Roast Restaurant with Vera on Thursday!

It was really comforting to meet a good friend since I had a pretty rough week, plus I haven’t seen Vera for ages. Simple brunch but fruitful + happy day for us :*
Lush greenery, perfect for girly brunches! We plan to come back for dinner and see if it’s nicer at night!

My roasted chicken.
It wasn’t very nice but alright I guess?

And Vera’s sea bass which was quite good!

The main course wasn’t fantastic but what I really really liked were the desserts from 1-Caramel!

Both were nice!

Roast is located at One Rochester in Rochester park!
The nearest mrt station is Buona Vista and it’s right beside Star Vista (:


Floral bralet – Bangkok
Leather jacket – WELUVMEOW
Disco pants – W.A.R
Fur sling bag – H&M Bangkok
Pointed heels – M.phosis
This was later at night with Jia (: Tried Paris Baguette at wisma and I like the mango thingum!!!

Jia in TJM‘s sold out knotted maxi dress (:
Really thankful for these girls in my life cos my awful week was turned around within a day just by meeting them. 
I know I haven’t been updating as much as before and that’s because I’m really very very busy with TJM. It’s a bit less busy now cos Juicesea4 backorders are closed and I’m only left with the last backorder to settle. I’ll definitely blog about my Gushcloud weekend soon (: Super fun Friday with the GC family!
Meanwhile, have a great week (: and do check back this space.

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