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Make up tips X Marie Hair & Makeup

November 20, 2012
So I’ve decided to come up with a “Make up tips” post since festive season is nearing and all of us definitely wants to look good!
Let me start with a mini update first!
As you girls know, I recently got a new make up palette from Too-faced so I decided to give it a try last weekend!
Here’s the look I came up with using the eyeshadow and face palette (:
Before blusher and eyeliner!
And after blusher+bronzer+eyeliner
I was trying to create this Korean girl next door but not too “plain jane” fusion look! The bun helped a little to create that look (:

The main colors I used for the eyeshadow were green, blue and grey. 
As you can see, I don’t have flawless complexion!

So to add a little more sparkle to my eyes, I added shiny white eyeshadow at the inner corner of my eyes.
And of course ended off with nude lipstick and lipgloss on my lips!
With that look, I went to meet Daniel for lunch at Pizza Hut!

He had free vouchers from SAF so we had a family combo all to ourselves 😀

So here are the make up tips, ARE YOU READY? ^^
1. How to create a photo-ready face all the time?
I cannot emphasize enough how much contouring makes a difference to your face/make up and a HUGE difference when you’re taking picture. Invest in a good highlighter (currently using cream highligter from NARS, and powder highlighter from Too-faced) and a bronzer one shade darker than your usual skin color!
Here’s how to do it.
White is for highlighting, brown is for bronzing
I don’t really contour as much as the picture though, mainly just the nose, cheekbones, eyebrow bone and temples.
2. Draw your brows!
I think eyebrows are SUPER important. You can do without ANY make up but you can’t have ugly brows! 
1st step : pluck/thread them at a brow salon first OR DIY if you know how to.
2nd step : fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil. use the shade that’s similar to your hair color!
Start drawing your eyebrow from the end as it creates the shape for you (:
3. To have even looking complexion and for make up to stay longer!
I always apply moisturizer before applying any make up on. It helps!
And if you want it to be even longer-lasting, use a face primer. Primer settles in your pores, fine lines and wrinkles so that your foundation glides on smoothly.
4. Dark eye shadow application
Apply the lightest shade at the inner eyelid to the darkest shade at the outer eyelid. 
5. Shimmer shows off wrinkle
Avoid using shimmery eyeshadow if you have fine lines or wrinkle as it emphasizes on the wrinkle.
6. Don’t play up both the lips and eyes
 You should never play up both the lips and eyes cos you might end up looking like that
Lol do y’all watch the 9pm show? It’s so funny and I love Ann Kok’s role hahaha.
So anyways, lighten up the eyes if you want to use dark lipstick. Vice versa.
7. How to keep lipstick off your teeth?
Apply lipstick then place a finger in your mouth. Close lips and pull finger out. 
IT WORKS, GO TRY (: Just remember to wash your hand afterwards!
These are all the tips I have off my mind. If all else doesn’t work for you and you’ve got an important event/grad night/dinners etc…..

Marie is a friend of mine and I’ve also worked with her for an outdoor shoot. She’s really professional and jovial, not to mention she has really good make up skills too!
She does make up for prom. D&D, parties, photoshoots, makeovers and even weddings
Makeup and hair with false lashes - 
$90 (1 pax)
$160(2 pax)
$250(3 pax)
Usual price $100/pax.
Rates are valid till 31 Dec and does not include wedding and ROMs.
Available from 9am to 8pm and she does house calls. 
For weddings or events that need makeup before 9am there would be a surcharge of $50 extra for transportation.
You can check out her portfolio at

Contact her at
Marie Soh
Freelance Make-Up Artist


Place your orders now




November 16, 2012
I’ve been waiting for my parcel so earnestly ever since I picked my sponsored items from Infinite Pixie! 
Firstly, let me introduce you to this online store.
is an online store based in Singapore founded in the early 2011 and run by Sera
who manages everything, wholeheartedly. You can expect new arrivals to be
launched weekly and sprees organized every two times a month or more! Their aim
is to carry in trendy, stylish yet reasonable apparels and accessories online
for all shopaholics! 
Decided to deck out fully in 
Infinitepixie stuff today (:
Obligatory camwhore shot

Yellow blazer and cross necklace from them! I love the necklace, which you can find here!!! So simple yet so edgy.
And the reason why I was so looking forward to their parcel is this
PS1 Inspired suede satchel!!! 

I’ve been eyeing on the original one in suede magenta but it’s very pricey so I haven’t gotten it yet. 
So when I saw this on Infinite Pixie, I was like OKAY MUST GET MUST GET!!!! It shall serve as a stepping stone to my original PS1 if I still want it next time. 
To be honest, I didn’t expect the quality of the bag to be very very good BUT BOY AM I SOLD. 
The quality of this bag is SUPER GOOD!!!! It’s the thick kinda suede and it’s not flimsy at all. There are so many compartments also so I super like, cos I always have shitload of things to bring one.
And the shade of purple is gorgeous and surprisingly versatile! 
They have it in leather too if you want it low maintenance! Check it out here!
So with this perfect tailored blazer, cross necklace and purple satchel, I went to meet Serene and Kevin for lunch at Ippudo then accompanied Kevin to Surrender.

What a perfect Friday outfit right????
Infinite pixie doesn’t have the habit of keeping customers waiting! 
emails are always attended within 24 working hours from Monday to Friday.
Inquiries will also be attended on-the-go during their non operating days which
falls on the weekend. If you’re afraid of lost packages, they provide mass meet
up every Friday and self collection which are usually available during weekdays
for those who wish to save on shipping costs! Besides that, they do
provide local postage services if it’s inconvenient for you to self collect
your items.
ships to wherever you are as they provide worldwide delivery! 
They have it in these two other ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS colours which I want too!!!!!! 
Should I should I??? I love the pink especially but it’s like my bal already…BUT THEN…. aiya.
!!!!! SO NICE !!!!

I like how the blazer fits perfectly well too. Not too big not too small, and it’s such a soft colour that goes perfectly with my favorite clothes color – white.
The blazer is on backorder now so don’t miss it if you want it!
Lol I don’t even look like myself in this picture, I got button nose wth.
Headed to Brotzeit for a drink to end off my Friday night!
Light make up today with my Too-faced palette (:

How do you like my Friday outfit with Infinite Pixie

Quote “Sophia” in your order form to be entitled to 5% off your total bill + free local normal shipping! Promotion is eligible for both sprees and collections and will end till 30th November 2012, 12AM (GMT+8) 
Visit today! 
Like their Facebook Page for juicy updates and weekly giveaways which you don’t want to be the last to know! 
Have a great weekend (:

Too faced X TGIW!

November 15, 2012
It’s been awhile since Daniel spent a proper day with me without fitting other plans in cos we both have such busy and conflicting schedules 🙁 We don’t get to meet on weekdays cos he has to stay in camp, whereas the only time we get to meet which is the weekend is TJM’s busiest period of the week cos of previews/launches/preparations! 
So he got to book out on Deepavali on Monday night so he came to stay over and spent the entire Tuesday with me. He called it my day :’)
So we had lunch at Kiseki which is a Japanese buffet restaurant!
This is the only photo I took cos we were both famished.
My mum recommended this place so we decided to give it a try since we are both huge fans of Jap cuisine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand, the jap food isn’t as authentic as those you get in like Kuriya or those atas authentic jap restaurant! I feel this is more mid range, like slightly above sakae/suki sushi.
But the variety is quite big so it was a very filling and hearty meal. They also serve fusion, western grill, teppanyaki, italian and a widespread of desserts besides the usual Jap dishes (: 
I know y’all are gonna ask me about the pricing so I took this off their website!
Daniel and I went on P.H so we paid more than usual :/ gonna go back on a weekday to eat again!!

Orchard Central, #08-01/02/03 
181 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238896 
Tel: (+65) 6736 1216

After lunch, we went to shop and I dragged him into Sephora cos they are having these insane Christmas gift packages and all of them looks soooooooo damn pretty!!! I wanted to show him the Too-faced palette that I was contemplating to buy.
So I told him “eh buy for me leh, you haven’t bought me anything for very very very long already hehe”
I’m not the kind that asks my boyfriend to buy things for me cos I believe we should be independent even though we’re girls, especially since I’m earning money already. But I just decided to be a “girl” that day and FORCED him to buy it lol.
He kept saying no because I have other eye shadow palettes which look the same already and it’s a waste of money to spend so much on something similar again. But I kept giving him 1001 reasons why he should buy it and so……….
Yup he ended up in the queue with an even better palette than the one I wanted 😀 
I kept smiling like a crazy girl cos he hardly pampers me “materialistically” so that was like WAHHHHHH I’M SO HAPPY I CAN DIE ALREADY moment.
Then he told me “You should have just waited or gave up, cos I was planning to come back to buy it to surprise you instead. I was staring at the palette so hard to remember how it looks like.”
BAHAHAH I SUCK, SPOIL MY OWN SURPRISE. Of course, you can surprise me again Daniel. You’re welcome anytime ^^

So this is the palette which I’ve fallen in love with!!! 
The colours are ahhhh-mazing!!

My favorites are “cherry cola”, “Pastille”, “Cap a teal” and “Peach fuzz”!
I used pastille and cap a teal last night and it looks gorgeous <3
The best thing about this palette is that there’s something beneath the eye shadow….

AWESOME RIGHT??? You know that feeling of unwrapping your gift and when you thought that was the end, there’s some more!!!!
I haven’t tried this face palette but I can’t wait to go out now so I can smack these on. It comes in a cute pink tin box so I’m definitely loving everything about it.
And again, I know y’all will ask how much is it! It’s $79 retailing at Sephora!
You’re welcome (: haha
So I’ve been shopping a bit too much lately and here are just SOME of the things I bought/got!

The blue shirt on the top left is for my daddio! Bought it from Zara so he can be a fashionista too hahah.
Attended Singtel Loop & Meet launch party with Nat, Kaykay, Eric, Carmen, Sheena and Dew last night at Butter but we didn’t take any pictures :/
Some of us headed over to Zouk for TGIW after!
I look horrible in this picture(no wait actually I looked horrible the whole night) but it’s the only picture of all of us. Taken from Sofie’s ig!
I felt like I was with a rainbow last night cos half of them had boomz coloured hair! Like Donna, Eric, Sofie, Marie and Andrea! Yeah read on to see.

Don’t know if it’s because my hair is shorter or I put on weight, but my face looked so fat? And my top kinda makes me look preggers!!! :/

Marie wins RAINBOW HAIR AWARD!!!! 
Super pretty and colourful but it’s something I’ll NEVER dare to do! Don’t you feel the glee just by looking at her hair and her smile? Like instant happiness hahah

Lincbojiomin looking cute with his bow tie last night!

Last night was so fun! Company and music were great (: Been so long since I had girly fun cos I’m always clubbing with Daniel and his guy friends. 
I’m putting these two pairs of heels up for sale cos it isn’t fitting for me!
Both are sized at Euro 38 and worn out once only. 
Wine red from F21, condition : 7.5/10 selling for $30
Blue heels from Zara, condition 9.5/10, selling for $50
Email me at for confirmed purchases (:
Launching this Sunday!
Previews here.
ps. scroll down to the previous post if you haven’t watched my latest vlog (: