♡ Daniel’s 20th ♡

November 5, 2012
As y’all might already know, last Friday was Daniel’s birthday! 
He wanted it simple this year so he tried to make it a small affair with his close friends and I. We spent Friday night at his place just having dinner, playing drinking games and also ended up at a KTV at 3am.
Pardon my little made up face. Couldn’t be bothered since it was at his house haha.
Happy susheelan (:
He and his good friends since secondary school.
The girlfriend shot.
I love you Daniel!
So everything ended at like 6am, and I had a surprise for Daniel the next day. He told me not to do anything or buy him anything this year cos he really didn’t want anything. He just wanted a dinner with me, so I “complied”.
Lied to him that I had to run some Juicesea errands so I had to leave him first then meet him again for lunch. Of course, I wasn’t gonna work on my boyfriend’s birthday. I booked a room at Scarlet hotel without his knowledge, so I went there earlier to check in and lay out my gift for him.
Enroute to Scarlet! Tonged my hair that day, not bad right? Heheh
So I told him to meet me at Ann Siang hill for lunch, so we headed to Antoinette which was just RIGHT BESIDE Scarlet. He didn’t suspect anything until I dropped small hints. 
Antoinette breakfast which was not bad.
We both look horrid here but whateverz, it’s one of our few pictures together. My camera died a few hours after lunch -.-
So I told him to close his eyes and I’m going to lead him to find his birthday present which I told him was supposedly very very small and insignificant. Spun him around and led him to Scarlet and into our room (:
He could kinda figure it was a room when we stepped in already. 
Booked an executive room with balcony which was a little more spacious than the deluxe rooms. Pretty decadent and cosy, both Daniel and I liked it!
Daniel checking the balcony out. I purposely paid more for a balcony so we could heart to heart talk here. HAH.
And here’s the scrapbook I made for him. There are about 20 pages in total, but not showing you haha!
Scarlet hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool but we had a jacuzzi tub right outside our room called the soda so we changed into our “swimming gear” and headed out!
Doing the Daniel smile/grin.
We went in for awhile but we didn’t even immerse completely cos it was too cold. We pussed out and decided to head back to sleep instead haha.
Both of us knocked out straight cos we only had like 4 hours of sleep the morning before!
Got ready at 8pm for dinner!
Wore Juice luxe lush 2.0 toga dress in black. Perfect!! Daniel and I love it.
“whole day take picture non-stop, why can’t your camera just spoil already”
Bet that was what Daniel was thinking hahaha.
Wanted to bring him to a steak restaurant at Duxton for dinner but waiting time was 45 minutes so we decided on 2D1N instead! It’s one of the most popular korean restaurants in Singapore so you guys can go try if y’all like korean food (:
Last picture…. and my camera died.
Had to use my iphone camera for the rest of the time 🙁
Went back to our hotel and told Daniel I had another gift for him but he had to find it in our room.
He finally thought of the safe when I hinted “your birthday” to him. So he keyed in his birth date, and tadah….
Yeah, I got him the raybans that he recently lost and kept complaining about. Really out of things to buy for him cos he has so many of everything so thought this room+scrapbook+raybans combination would be the best. 
We spent the rest of the night cuddling, talking, munching and eventually falling asleep in each others’ embrace <3
Isn’t it just amazing how we are still so deeply in love even after 3 long years.
Checked out the next day, and here’s how part of the lobby looks like! The other parts are even more majestic looking!
My ootd! 
I’m currently in Bangkok now. Gonna return tomorrow! Can’t wait to shoot for this weekend’s collection already. Lots of peplum and camo, are you excited!!!
Shall return soon with more updates/pictures.

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