October 31, 2012
Herro girls! 
I received a parcel of goodness a week ago and it’s from….
was started in 2009 with the basic aim of making street style fashion,
comfortable and appealing clothes available to all. Although there are many
spree sites selling similar items and maybe at even cheaper prices, they ensure
that the items they sell are of good quality. Now, you can solve all your woes
here from head to toe – from accessories to dresses, to shoes for casual or a
night out.. even your dearest macbook no longer has to stay naked! ^^
I’ve been looking for a nice leather jacket for the LONGEST time ever, and now I finally found the perfect one…

Note the quilted shoulders!! I think it’s gorgeous. It’s the small details that always make something look nice. 

And I really love the length, not too long not too short. Definitely gonna match the jacket with a maxi dress next time, think it’s gonna look kickass. The quality of the jacket is super good also. I was really damn impressed when I touched it. QUALITY ASSURED!!! Even Daniel said it’s nice!!
They have it in wine red too, and I think I’m gonna buy it from them! It’s mad pretty and the colour is just perfect!

I was previously searching for a pair of simple black kitten heel cos all my heels are too high for me to wear it daily. It’s more of weekend heels? So I decided on this pair of suede heels which is so versatile. It really matches with a lot of my outfits, and it’s comfortable too!
$29.90 – Meetup
$31.90 – Normal mail
$34.40 – Registered mail
Couldn’t resist myself while browsing through weluvmeow and bought myself another pair of shoes inspite of the above sponsored heels. 
Here’s another thing I like about WLM. The web store is very clean cut and straightforward which makes the shopping experience quick and hassle-free. They even provide real life pictures for better referencing!

How does cherryvell look in the jacket?

Honestly loving my items from WELUVMEOW !! Hopefully I’m going to HK in December then I can bring the shoes and jacket together with me (: I’ve already bookmarked their online store on my browser, you better do too!!
They also do meet up/self collection, and you even get $1 off if you opt for that! (:
Like their facebook page here.
Visited Sofries 2 nights ago for dinner! And here’s me munching on sweet potato fries.
You need to head down to Sofries if you’re a fan of fries cos they have different types of fries with a huge variety of dips. My favorite type of fries is probably sweet potato or cereal fries, and favorite dip would be cheese and garlic!

Sofries was kind enough to let me try a huge platter and 6 different types of sauces. 
Do visit Sofries if you’re a fan of fries and sauces (:
1 Vista Exchange Green
#B1-05 The Star Vista
Tel: 6468 8940


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