Salon Vim : Cut, perm, treatment

October 3, 2012
For those of you who have been reading my blog since 1-2 years ago, you’ll know that I’m the MOST boring person when it comes to hair! I’ve been having long brown hair(red once) with center parting since forever. 
Decided I need a change so I made an appointment with my hair stylist, Fiona!
This was my hair 2 weeks ago, just before I went down to Salon Vim.

Mildly damaged ends, boring hair as usual.

Super uneven dye thanks to the previous salon I went to that anyhow dyed my hair!
Salon Vim is conveniently located at 313! 
I went there unsure of what I wanted to do with my hair so I left my hair in the care of trusty Fiona!
I like the fact that they are very professional and they don’t hardsell you the most expensive hair treatment. Fiona suggested that I do texturizing curls to insert more volume into my hair, and also specially concocted a cocktail treatment for my hair. 
Here’s a chart of the Redken cocktail treatment (:
Basically, different ingredients will be used to target different problems. 
Oh! Another thing which I really appreciated was their honesty. I wanted to dye my hair, but Fiona told me to do it 1 or 2 months later instead since I was gonna perm my hair already. Most salons won’t care whether your hair will be spoilt or damaged after that as long as they get to earn more money.
And there we began…

Fiona trimmed my hair and gave me more layers after a shiok hair wash and massage (:

Angelyn is a regular at Salon Vim, so we decided to go together!

Applying hair protecter called inner link before my perm! I never knew there was such thing to protect the hair from chemical services!

Here’s the protector they used on my hair! 

So after trimming my hair and applying the necessary products, they started perming my hair! 
The perm that I did is called “texturizing perm”. Basically, it’s a perm that helps my hair to curl in naturally. It’s so easy to style my hair after doing this perm (: It’s very naturally looking yet “vavavoom” enough for me, and best of all…. I GET THE “OUT OF BED” LOOK ALL THE TIME ^^

Hahaha don’t I look like medusa with all the things on my hair. Got ice cream stick some more!

Had Donna’s company too!! Hardworking girl was editing pictures for her blog post when she was doing her hair.

The perm took about 30- 45 mins and it was right on to the next step!

More products that they applied on my hair!
This is my favorite part of the process cos I believe it’s the most nourishing part for my hair!!!
Redken cocktail treatment is a 3 step treatment that is specially customized to treat and nourish hair. I highly recommend this treatment cos my hair is a lot softer after doing this treatment, and it’s a lot more manageable! Since it’s a customized treatment, it will target on your main problem and fix it (:

Ingredients to my cocktail!

Steam away~~~

Hahah I was trying to stick close to the steamer so my hair will absorb the cocktail treatment better. Don’t know if it works this way hahaha

Lol xiao lian Donna!! She was bleaching her hair to dye purple colour so this is NOT her final colour!
Honestly, I was a bit scared to see my final product cos I was damn scared it will turn out like my Bangkok perm I did 3 years ago……….
*Feels bad for doubting them*



They also gave me 2 products from Redken and Loreal to bring home!! Super useful, I’ve been using it religiously (:
The redken curl perfecting lotion (on the left) helps to enhance my curls even more. It activates, moisturizes and rejuvenates waves and curls.
The mythic oil, on the other hand is an anti-frizz saviour which offers nourishment, discipline and anti-frizz protection. What I really really like about the product is that it’s weightless and not too oily. Been hearing a lot about this product and I finally get to try it (:

And here’s my stylist, Fiona!!
Please go find her if you’re going down to Salon Vim to do your hair!
She’s super friendly, professional, and outgoing. 

Happy me with my new hair!! And Ange’s hair too!!
I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from my friends about my hair, and I get to try out different kinda hairstyles with my curly hair.
Braided fringe with side curly ponytail
Side swept hair which Salon Vim styled for me before the event!
Here’s a summary of what I did at Salon Vim : 
1. Cut/Trim
2. Texturizing perm
3. Redken cocktail treatment
Thank you Fiona and Salon Vim (:
Call them at 68847757 to make appointment (:

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