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October 2012



October 28, 2012
I’m launching Prom collection part I tonight so I decided to do a simple prom make up tutorial that’s suitable for prom/birthdays/dinners (:

ps. pardon oreo’s barking.

PROM MAKE UP TUTORIAL from sophia chong on Vimeo.

So this is the prom collection which I’ll be launching tonight (: For those who have been asking me where I got the dress I wore for Daniel’s brother’s wedding, here’s your chance to get it! The gowns might be a bit too long for some of you but I don’t think it’s very expensive to send it for length altering!! After everything, it will still cost cheaper than most gowns you can get outside.

I know I haven’t been blogging properly this whole week. I’ve been EXTREMELY busy with Juicesea and this prom collection but fret not, I’ll blog really really soon about my first celebrated Halloween (:
Here are some ig photos of my halloween last night!

Promise will blog about it damn soon!! Meanwhile just watch the vlog and shop TJM first k ^^



Short update!

October 22, 2012

Been into plain v-neck tee recently, don’t know if it’s under Daniel’s influence but yeah… basics are always nice right? 
Went to do a bit of groceries shopping today before heading down to le sick boy’s house to accompany him and then launch JuiceSea4.
YES IT’S FINALLY LAUNCHED!!! *heave a sigh of relief
For those of you who haven’t checked it out,
I’m really super happy and relieved that it’s finally launched cos I’ve been slogging for the past 5 months for JUICESEA! Sent in my design since June then month after month the sample kept having problem and delaying my targeted launch (supposedly in Aug). Looked through loads of models and finally decided on one but she couldn’t do the shoot due to some reasons so I had to do it myself in the end. And then the outdoor shoot was so tiring. So I’m really damn happy and feel liberated that Juicesea4 is finally up!!! 
Phew, now is just replying of mails(which my eyes are gonna pop but it’s a good sign), mailing parcels and arranging backorder!
Was just telling Daniel that this is gonna be a couple of insane busy months for TJM and myself! I’m gonna go source for the prom dresses in a few days’ time, do the shoot and try to launch this weekend (: Need to edit JUICESEA behind the scenes shoot video for y’all!! (:
Y’all interested in prom/dinner make up tutorial?
Okayyyyy I’m gonna bathe and get back to mails.
Goodnight xx

Juicesea #4 behind the scenes

October 21, 2012
So yesterday I got up at 8am for JUICESEA 4 shoot. Wanted the nice early morning sun so the pictures would turn out nicer. 
Need to thank those who helped me :
Faiming who’s the photographer, Sean, Daniel and my sister who came down to help, and also Elton for loaning his place for me to shoot. 
1st colour for shoot : Burgundy red
2nd colour : Navy blue
By the second outfit, my foot was already bleeding. I had to walk/tiptoe on sharp pebbles without any shoes for the shoot. I didn’t even realise it until I saw blood on my shoes when I wore it. It was so hard to walk with my sole bleeding but I still did it anyways (: my foot’s a lot better now!!

three guys shifting me while I sit on the couch like a princess lol

crazy crazy sun yesterday. everyone was perspiring like MAD!! Lucky me got to dip in the pool since it was part of the shoot ^^

Did the turquoise one at the dock cos I think light blue goes really well with white, and there’s this vintage nautical “feel” to it.

Finally wrapped up the shoot at 1pm and I was damn badly sunburnt already.
Really hate it that my body is DAMN unevenly tanned now. Like the tan from my march phuket trip isn’t even gone yet? Plus aug bali tan and now new tan from yesterday :'( i really don’t know how to even out the tan for my whole body luh!!! Also hate the burnt part for the first few days, pain and ache like hell. 
chants *it’s worth it for JUICESEA*
We were deciding for a place for lunch, and we ended up at Social Haus!!
Treated everyone lunch for the hard work, THANK YOU AGAIN IF YOU EVER READ THIS 😀

I haven’t gotten the pictures from yesterday’s shoot but will be getting them tonight, then hopefully I can upload it tonight also!!
In case you don’t know, JUICESEA 4 will be launching tomorrow (MON @ 7PM) and previews will be up on facebook tonight!
Just accompanied Daniel to the hospital cos he’s sick and now he’s resting beside me!

Gonna make porridge for him soon!!
Everyone have a good Sunday (: