Le sick me

October 9, 2012

I’m having a flu now, think I caught it from Daniel 🙁 I’m like spamming vit C, flu meds, vapor vicks sweet, water and strepsils. Why must I be sick during Daniel’s block leave!!!!!!! We were supposed to catch Taken 2 last night and go USS today but everything is cancelled cos I’m bed-ridden :'( He stayed over last night and I punched him in the face when we were sleeping cos I dreamt that my friend and I got attacked by some ah beng at Zouk. Then just nice, Daniel tapped me when the guy in my dream “attacked” me from behind so I literally swung my elbows at Daniel. LOLOLOLZ. He got such a big shock he was like WTF, and I just continued sleeping hahahah.

Brrrrrrr taking an hour off from my bed to reply TJM mails and do other work. I really wna recover by tonight so tomorrow we can go out. I might even have to give Salon vim dinner a miss on Thurs so I can go USS with Daniel 🙁 Couldn’t do the boyfriend tag vlog also!!
Anyways, those who enquired about November advertorials, please let me know soon if you want it cos I’m gonna close the 50% off promo on 20th Oct! Xie xie.

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